Dakar Sacré Cœur dénonce “l’aggression de son équipe” face à l’US Ouakam

Dakar Sacré Cœur dénonce “l’aggression de son équipe” face à l’US Ouakam

This is due to the menaces, physical aggression and insults caused by displacement during the course of the day, the Dakar sacré cœur dénoncé through acts of violence towards the end.

This weekend we will be present during the Pikine on a note of the scenes of violence. In the municipality of Ngor, the DSC is subject to the insults and jets of the Pierres at the end of the final year of retaliation for the academics (0-1). The violent acts are publicized by the club.

“Now we express our knowledge of the indignation in the suite of incidents in qualifying in the wake of the match of the 21st day of the champions of the Ligue 1 face of the US Ouakam in the city of Ngor. On April 28, 2024, we have an aggressive physical fitness team, with a receipt for the insults and the jets of the pierres during the cloakrooms. The orchestra’s approach to the individual’s nature is not acceptable during the football stage, and the atmosphere is unacceptable due to the staff’s team and staff technique (…) the new days and the absence of the necessary information to adapt the security to the event (…) We ask for additional authoritative compétents for the survey regarding the circumstances surrounding the events” during the communication of the club.