(Vidéo) Section féminine, maraîchage, enseignement, les nouveaux projects de Cayor Foot !

(Vidéo) Section féminine, maraîchage, enseignement, les nouveaux projects de Cayor Foot !

Cayor Foot is part of the African académies that are part of the French Development Agency (AFD) and partners of the ONG Play International and the Institute Diambars. Wiwsport is interested in the club’s president who is responsible for the realization of the projects in order to finance the financing of the capacity.

Grace is a project that integrates into the tape of 2 groups of 17 académies, a club base in Senegal and National 1 a lancé sa section féminine. Pierre Mathieu is the president of Cayor Foot, il explique. « On top of a section of femininity that entrains you to an année. Pour the moment, it is not yet encore registered at the level of the federation. This is the basis of the commitments of the AFD and the framework of the project is also inclusive. Il nous aide dans différents aspects. Cayor Foot is a club that is part of Senegal. On the face of it, a center for formation that is present, plus the 50 days of current activities. A la suite des premiers transfers que nous avons réalisée il y’a quelques années maintenant with Amadou Sagna, Dialy Kobaly Ndiaye Mamadou Diatta qui sont partis in Europe, nous avons investi dans un terrain à Thiès. 10 hectares of new construction commencé. During this time, there is sufficient capacity for our guests to stay with us. Cela n’est pas fréquent au Sénégal ».

An investment that is necessary for the football for Cayor Foot. The results of the AFD were followed by 30 African academies in 2025 as a determining factor for the suite. L’objectif est permettre à ces académies d’être autonomics. Plusieurs permanent projects for profitable use. Pierre Mathieu dévoile ainsi les autres projects outre football. « This is the framework of the project, starting from the start of the project. This is how we use our original tools to utilize the terrain acquired in the fins agricultural sector. This is an economic model based on the AFD. This model is perfect for generating revenue, which helps with football and the service of the base for the brand. It is important to learn how to use agricultural techniques. Et comme la plupart vient de milieux ruraux comme la Casamance. It is also important to have a face to face and value for the sake of quitting ».

It is important to start with the preparation of the secondary schools for rejoining and training the boot camps that require the necessary equipment for the formation of the académies.