Villa Goca Božinovska borders on world class

Villa Goca Božinovska borders on world class

Villa Goca Božinovska it borders on world class

The company in the luxury property is made by her son Mirko Šijan with his family, and the villa is their oasis of peace. Mirko has now shown what he looks like on his Instagram profile Villa Goca Božinovskahis mother, whose value is estimated at 700,000 euros, and what was in focus was a huge swimming pool.

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Villa Goce Božinovska – The view from the terrace is stunning

The pool is surrounded by greenery from all sides, and the interior of the property is no less luxurious. Villa Goca Božinovska It was renovated after they were married Mirko Šijan and Bojana Rodićhe is renovated the house, and then showed a part of their home.

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In the living room, which leads directly to the terrace, everything exudes luxury, and the chandelier has hundreds of crystals.

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Goca Božinovska’s villa, where she has lived for 20 years, will remain there

By the way, Goca Božinovska moved into this house when she got married.

– I’ve been here for 20 years and I’m used to Surčin because I lived in this area for nine years before moving in.

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– Exactly this home keeps the best memories that I have, especially those related to my late husband, the birth of our children, their childhood… I would never, ever move out of it. This is where my luck is. Children come and go, but I stay. What my aunt would say: “You will stay in that house until your sister-in-law kicks you out.” And then maybe I would pack my bags and leave, just to make my Mirko happy – the singer once said.

Vila Goce Božinovska world newspaper world portal

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Let’s remind you, the famous singer Goca Božinovska says that she regularly fights with her son Mirko Šijan and resents his drinking.

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– Mirko has his own jobs, he is a worker, and he knows how to spend money on anything and everything. I blame him for liking to drink, he doesn’t need that much, but I am comforted by the fact that he is never aggressive. He knows how to break glasses when he’s happy and everything in order, then we argue, but he’s never aggressive. Somehow, it has a measure, although I think that sometimes it goes too far. When we are together at a party, I follow him, supervise him, so it’s easier for me. However, like any mother, I think about what she does when she drinks on a date and I’m not there. I wouldn’t want it to end up being washed away – Božinovska’s story goes on to explain that she raised her children so that they spend money rationally.

Vila Goce Božinovska world newspaper world portal

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– If a crisis broke out, I could manage like a caveman. I knew how to endure in my childhood, I know what it means when there is nothing, and now I could survive with 10 dinars. It’s the same for me to spend the week with millions, as with ten dinars. That’s how I was taught and brought up because it wasn’t always easy. The mistake of today’s parents is that they only see how to tuck their children in, and not how to prepare them and teach them to live life.

The singer is honest about her parenting, but it must be noted that she is Villa Goca Božinovska a real haven for the whole family.

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– We cannot know what kind of weather may come. Savings should be made, but that does not mean that now we should be short on everything and just get rid of it. I taught my children to respect every dinar, and to live by the way. Now, when they earn their own money, I don’t interfere with how they spend. As a parent, I am always there to help and guide – Goca told “Srpski telegraf”.



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