Mame Moussa Cissé (Entraîneur du Sénégal) sur la CAN Féminine : “News and training in the mettre and place of matches for the preparation”

Mame Moussa Cissé (Entraîneur du Sénégal) sur la CAN Féminine : “News and training in the mettre and place of matches for the preparation”

During your first visit to the municipality of the Parcelles Assainies, you will participate in the participation of the female team of the USPA, Mame Moussa Cissé, the entraîneur of the Sénégal team, during an interview with Wiwsport The preparation of the Sénégal team for the prochaine CAN Féminine, so the date of the competition is not yet finalized.

In the micro of Wiwsport, the technicians of the Lions of Senegal are a regular visitor during the different stages of their journeys and their recent voyages in France and during the prochaine CAN Féminine : « More than anything, it is essential for my life preparation and preparation methods. Therefore, you should be aware of the details of your dates, but you should not wait to be prepared for a surprise. In the absence of the preparation plan, the evening of the dates of FIFA que new preparations. Today’s date is FIFA on May 27, 2016 and we are now training to organize matches among our friends. »

Avant de poursuivre : « And outre, you train and realize a tour of the clubs during the summer. Your debut at the club of the Dakar Sacré Coeur in Sénégal, you are visiting France and you are visiting Thonon Évian or you are a part of your life, and you are still in the bass. Après cela, you will be traveling to Paris and Marseille after the match with our expatriates, our next evening with you. Après cela, you can go to Metz after your holidays, during your stay in Saint-Denis or during the evenings, and take advantage of the opportunity to pour me into certain clubs. The club in Lyon is considered to be a good reference for the domain of football at the highest level, depending on the prendre connaissance of the fashion, the method of use, the use of the young people at the highest level, la planification et de toutre aspect. »

« Et afin de pour suivre la progression de nos joueuses. There is also the opportunity to consider the conductors of the clubs and the coaches during their visits, after all the discussion about the evolution of the youth, the interests of the clubs, the attention of the clubs and the selection and the federation. Nous avons également exprimé nos attentions pour favoriser les échanges et permettre de voir qu’une joueuse ne vieenne une quinzaine de jours avant que nous puissions connaître son activité en club, et que nous puissions également donner a return to the clubs after the reunions create a connection that lasts for a long time. »

This is an opportunity to express one’s opinion on the level of difference between one’s observer and the observer: « Everything depends on the environment, on the basis of the equipment, on the basis of the equipment techniques used, on the basis of competence, and on the conditions the journey is my own journey. » And if you concern yourself with the organization, you should also look into professional development and observe your performances during your stay, and you should not expect the best results. You mention the casing of the Coumba Sylla, how it arrived, but how it is now integrated. Your opinion is essential for returning information from groups. »

« Dans la foulée, je poursuis ma tournée ici at the level of the clubs du Sénégal. Your matin (Mercredi), your déjà visit to the JOG club and your assistance during your entraînement. Maintenant, you use the parcels for the preparation of the parcel assignments and discuss the encadrement technique. My object is to look at your thoughts and comment on the sound, not to follow the competition, but to observe the conditions during the course of your journey. Your discussions are based on the coaches of the points of friendship. I concentrate on the results of the Aigles and the probability of the club in Grand Yoff, and I follow the vision of the clubs and the fairness of the placements in the regions, including Kaolack, Thiés, Bambey and Ziguinchor, and observant of them comment les individuals travaillent, cela nous donnera une vision globale afin de comprendre comment soutenir les clubs et les joueuses afin d’avoir les meilleures joueuses lors de la competition », at-il conclu.