Lamine Camara dan le viseur de Galatasaray

Lamine Camara dan le viseur de Galatasaray

The montante of football sénégalais, Lamine Camara, attire l’intérêt de plusieurs grands clubs européens, notamment Galatasaray SC. With the media channels, the club’s déjà entamé des pourparlers avec l’entourage du jeune joueur en vue d’un transfert cet été.

The talented environment of the mature terrain is the most affirmative of the master of your time in Metz au cours des derniers mois, accumulant un temps de jeu consistently. This contributes to the success of the team with 4 decisions and yet spectacular. And with national selection, it is the best way to determine the origin of the African nation’s coupe, but it is also important that the young people continue to grow.

Since the beginning of the current academic year of the Foot Generation since the end of 2026, it is probable that even the navigation will continue, and the probable descent of the club in Ligue 2 will facilitate its son transfer verse Galatasaray, which pours into the acquisition of a modern coût. Cependant, the current leader of champions is the elite player and only the competitors in the file, car plusieurs clubs monitor the situation of the situation.

Élu meilleur jeune joueur africain de l’année 2023, Lamine Camara pourrait des réticences quant à l’idee de rejoindre le championnat de la Süper Lig turque. After 20 years, it is likely that the appearance of the champions as well as the attractiveness of the competition will continue to increase its visibility and continue to progress and expand the European scene.