V Rising 1.0 Patch Notes Revealed as Full Release Finally Arrives

V Rising 1.0 Patch Notes Revealed as Full Release Finally Arrives

V Rising 1.0 is finally here, and as you can probably expect, a pretty hefty set of patch notes for the update has also been released.

Stunlock’s vampire survival game launched earlier today, having been in Early Access since May 2022. Naturally, the 1.0 version contains all of the improvements made to the game since that Early Access launch, plus lots more besides.

You can look forward to brand new difficulty settings, a battle with Castlevania‘s iconic vampire hunter Simon Belmont, and a new endgame zone in which to do battle with Dracula’s forces, and that’s far from everything.

V Rising 1.0 is here, and it’s got lots of new challenges for you to enjoy.

The full patch notes are extremely extensive, covering everything from new content through to technical improvements and updates to existing content.

Stunlock does provide new details on exactly how the aforementioned difficulty settings will work, however, including specific numbers regarding enemy health and damage changes.

On the Relaxed mode, for instance, units deal 25% less damage, while V Bloods deal 40% less damage and have 20% lower maximum health. Blood drain is reduced by 25%, and the sun won’t harm you as much. This is all in comparison to the Normal mode, by the way.

Brutal mode, meanwhile, ratchets up V Blood levels by three, gives V Bloods 75% more damage and 25% maximum health, and makes units deal 40% more damage. Ouch. You’d better know what you’re getting into if you pick this mode.

If you want to read the full V Rising 1.0 patch notes, you can do so here via the official Stunlock website. Be aware that the list is pretty long, so make yourself some coffee or something.

V Rising is available right now for PC. A version of the game is also coming to PS5 sometime this year, although we don’t know when just yet. Stay tuned for more on this and all other things V Rising-related.