Free League Announces Updated Dragonbane Path of Glory Adventure

Free League Announces Updated Dragonbane Path of Glory Adventure

A classic Dragonbane adventure is returning. Free League’s Swedish fantasy TTRPG has gained new fans thanks to its recently localized edition. Now with Dragonbane Path of Glorythose new fans can experience one of the game’s first adventures.

The Dragonbane Path of Glory announcement

In an official press release, Free League provides more details on Dragonbane Path of Glory. As mentioned before, Path of Glory was the first prewritten adventure for the original Swedish-language release of Dragonbane (Drakar och Demoner). It was released in three installments between the years of 1985 and 1986.

Time to go back folks.

In this adventure, heroes head into the legendary dark forest, seeking treasure, glory, and the solution to an ancient curse laying waste to the forest. As they travel through the forest, those heroes will become embroiled in an epic conflict steeped in ancient history.

This updated adventure will be a comprehensive full-color hardcover release. It will collect all three installments: The DeadForest, Gates of Powerand Heart of Darkness, into a single volume. It will include revisions and updates to the text by original author Roger Undhagen, as well as new artwork by David Brasgalla and Johan Egerkrans

To commemorate the return of the classic adventure, Dragonbane Path of Glory will be available in both standard and collector’s editions. The collector’s edition has a faux leather cover with gold foil printing. Both editions will contain a large double-sided 432x558mm map painted by Francesca Baerald.

The announcement of Dragonbane Path of Glory coincides with another milestone for the game. The TTRPG was recently released on the digital marketplace for the narrative-centered VTT, Alchemy RPG. This includes a regular and Enhanced version, featuring animated artwork and original soundscapes.

Dragonbane Path of Glory is available for pre-order now. The standard edition is available at an MSRP of $41.80. The collector’s edition is available for $73.80.