V Rising 1.0 Global Launch Timings Revealed Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release

V Rising 1.0 Global Launch Timings Revealed Ahead of Tomorrow’s Release

Stunlock Studios has announced the global launch timings for the upcoming V Rising 1.0 update, and it looks like no regions will be waiting until May 9th to play.

Back in March, it was revealed that V Rising 1.0 would launch on May 8th, bringing with it a slew of new features. Now, we know exactly when each region will be able to apply the update (or buy the full game if you’ve never played it before).

As you’d probably expect, the Americas will be the first to enjoy V Rising 1.0, with the timings getting later the further east you move.

You won’t have much longer to wait for V Rising 1.0.

Here’s a full list of the V Rising global launch timings, as announced by Stunlock.

  • Los Angeles: 4am (PDT)
  • Mexico City: 5am (CST)
  • New York: 7am (EDT)
  • Sao Paulo: 8am (BRT)
  • London: 12pm (BST)
  • Stockholm: 1pm (CEST)
  • Cape Town: 1pm (SAST)
  • Ankara: 2pm (EEST)
  • Abu Dhabi: 3pm (GST)
  • Shenzhen: 7pm (CST)
  • Tokyo: 8pm (JST)
  • Sydney: 9pm (AEST)
  • Wellington: 11pm (NZST)

If you don’t see your city or territory listed, then you can use the associated time zones as a guide to give you an idea of ​​when V Rising 1.0 will be available in your area.

A player about to cross a bridge in V Rising
Just one more sleep til V Rising.

When V Rising 1.0 does arrive, it’ll bring with it new difficulty levels, an entirely new endgame zone to explore, and a Castlevania crossover that will let you do battle with none other than Simon Belmont, plus lots more.

If you’d like to check out V Rising before it launches tomorrow, you’ve still got time to pick it up on Steam and give its Early Access build a whirl, although you probably won’t be able to reach endgame in the time between now and the 1.0 launch.

The game is also scheduled to arrive on PS5, although that won’t be happening tomorrow; instead, it’s penciled in for sometime later this year. Watch this space for more info.