Star Wars: Hunters finally comes out in June

Star Wars: Hunters finally comes out in June

Publisher Zynga and co-developers NaturalMotion Games and BossAlien have announced a release date for the game. Star Wars: Hunter, their free third-person arena fighting game.

Star Wars: Hunter will finally launch on June 4 on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android as a free-to-play game. The game was originally announced in 2021.

Sam Cooper, Zynga VP, said: “We are excited to welcome fans around the globe to Vespaara. “We can’t wait for players to meet our Hunters and enter the Arena. There are so many fun and exciting takes on the beloved and recognizable Star Wars settings, creatures, and themes in our game that we also look forward to seeing players around the world have. opportunity to explore. Looking forward to seeing you at the Arena.”

Here’s a summary of the game, along with a new trailer:

In Star Wars: Hunters, teams of four will engage in fast-paced, competitive matches taking place across a variety of battlefields, inspired by Star Wars’ iconic biomes , such as the ice planet Hoth and the forest moon Endor. Choose from a diverse and bombastic roster of Hunters, such as J-3DI, a droid who thinks he’s a Jedi, and Utooni, two stacked Jawas in trench coats. Each Hunter boasts their own unique set of abilities to aid them as they strive for glory in the Arena, Vespaara’s new planetary attraction.

Star Wars: Hunters features several game modes for players to test their mettle, such as Squad Brawl, where opposing teams will battle for the most eliminations, and Trophy Chase, where the Competing teams will vie for control of the elusive droid TR0-F33.