The Lioncells are impressive against Liberia (3-1) and continue to advance

The Lioncells are impressive against Liberia (3-1) and continue to advance

The Lioncells of Senegal are on the receiving end of the victory (3-1) against the Liberation during the match of the last three rounds of the European Cup of Women U17. In an animated environment at the Stade Lat-Dior de Thiès, the Lioncells are exposed to a superior performance with a convaincante performance.

This coup d’envoi, les Lioncelles are imposé leur rhythm, cherchant à prendre l’avantage dès les premiers instants. Leur détermination a été récompensée à la 17e minute lorsque Marie Louise Sarr auvert le score avec un superbe but. The Lioncells continue to exercise a constant pressure on their adversaries and continue their avantage in the 24th minute, gracefully with Marie Louise Sarr, with the fondness of the fillets with assurance.

In a second period, the team is equipped with a maintenu son emprise sur le jeu, ajoutant a troisième but spectacular à la 50th minute, cette fois-ci marqué by Mariama Faty, portant la marque à 3-0 and consolidant ainsi sa position dominant dan le match. With the efforts of the library to guide you through your defense, the Lioncells should maintain your solid defense and your strength in the discipline of tactics. Cependant, the odds are stacked against a penalty at the end of the match, leading to a score of 3-1.

Sincerely, the Lioncelles are happy to welcome you in advance of the match return, before the day of the 19th of May at Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. Very impressive performances, the Lion cells are positioned for a qualifier for the final tour and the results of the Coupe du Monde féminine U17.