Pokemon Sword and Shield’s bad story and how to fix it

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s bad story and how to fix it

Today, we’re going to talk about the story of Pokemon Sword and Shield and how to improve it by using details that were in the anime adaptation but for some reason didn’t make it into the game.

Since (and even before) its initial release in 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield have been the subject of much controversy and criticism from fans. While most of these criticisms revolve around views that are now (perhaps grudgingly) somewhat accepted. remove national Dex, Much of the criticism that Pokemon Sword and Shield has received in modern times has revolved around its story. Mainly the fact that it doesn’t make much sense.

The story of Pokemon Sword and Shield

The story of Pokemon Sword and Shield

It’s safe to say that not everyone who’s played Pokemon Sword and Shield has seen its anime counterpart. While both stories generally have the same rhythm, the game still leaves out a lot of important details – so let’s quickly recap what happens there. The main antagonist of Sword and Shield, President Rose, is the president of the Pokemon League and the current president of Macro Cosmos. Although the Macro Cosmos company is not clearly explained in the game, its goal is to provide energy and renewable energy to the entire Galar region.

During Sword and Shield’s story, Rose appears several times, including at the beginning of the game to announce the tournament match between Leon and Raihan. He spoke to players several times, but appeared to do nothing other than official tournament business. At the climax of the game’s story, Rose drags Leon to Rose Tower and tells him that he is devising a plan to generate renewable energy for the Galar region for many years to come. Unfortunately, Leon’s championship match with the player is the next day, but Rose doesn’t want to wait for it to end – he wants to execute his plan immediately, but Leon refuses until His championship run is over. This is where things get confusing – the player and Hop (Leon’s younger brother and the player’s rival) invade Macro Cosmos to track down Leon, and they are stopped by some company employees who start a battle as if they suddenly became the bad guys. something they know is bad.

Things get even more confusing the next day in the game, when Rose interrupts the championship match between Leon and the player to release the legendary Pokemon Eternatus onto the world. This causes Pokemon everywhere to randomly Dynamax and start destroying the area – and worse yet, players aren’t allowed to help or even see any of this action. Leon offers to handle the situation himself, leaving the player alone to deal with other problems. Leon eventually hunted down Eternatus and was unable to defeat it on his own. That’s where the player comes in – you and Hop work together to take down Eternatus, then transform into its Eternamax form. That form was eventually removed when Zacian and Zamazenta, heroes of legend, appeared and defeated it. After this event, Rose was never seen again, which left many players completely confused as to his motives.

Pokemon Anime Story

Story in Pokemon anime

In the anime adaptations of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Rose is given more screen time and is transformed into a more tragic villain. The Sword and Shield arc is only four episodes long, but it still gives us a glimpse of what the story in Pokemon Sword and Shield could include if it were given more time in the oven. In the anime, it is revealed that Rose’s father was a coal miner, where he worked to extract energy to supply the Galar region. Unfortunately, the coal mine collapsed, killing Rose’s father when he was a child. A few years later, Rose learned of the existence of Eternatus, a Pokemon that came from outer space 20,000 years ago via a meteorite. It is capable of generating infinite amounts of energy through Galar particles, which is what allows Pokemon to Dynamax.

Ultimately, Rose was somehow able to capture and subdue Eternatus, and trapped it inside the main building of Macro Cosmos as a power source for an energy generator. Although he was able to temporarily subdue Eternatus, Rose knew that he would not be able to fully control its power if it rebelled and became chaotic. To fix this, Rose elevated Leon to become the strongest Pokemon Trainer in the world – not only someone who could perform well in the Pokemon League, but also someone who could rise up and defeat Eternatus if things got worse. so despair. Here’s something that’s not clearly communicated in the game: Rose was responsible for Leon becoming a star, and he sponsored his tournament matches to create an environment where Leon could become a star. Become the most proficient warrior possible.

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield anime, Macro Cosmos’s Eternatus-powered generator begins to run overtime as it tries to contain the power within. Eventually, it begins to release excess Galar Particles over the area, causing the affected Pokemon to begin Random Dynamics and go on a rampage. This motivates Ash and Leon to fight, defeat, and subdue the Dynamax Pokemon to prevent them from causing further damage. Unfortunately, these events did not stop Rose from changing her mind about using Eternatus as a power source. With the goal of stopping what happened to her father from happening to anyone else, Rose redoubled her efforts and continued to draw power from Eternatus – enough to power the Galar region for thousands of years. next year.

Ash and Leon eventually confronted Rose about the rampaging Dynamax Pokemon, and Rose lied that he didn’t know what was causing them. This makes Leon suspicious, and while Ash and Rose talk over dinner, Leon enters the locked Macro Cosmos factory to investigate the cause of the widespread Dynamax phenomenon. During dinner, Rose explains that although he lost much as a child, the Galar region and its many opportunities for advancement and self-improvement allowed him to recover and gather enough wealth to establish himself. Macro Cosmos, which he wants to use to pay off debt. region returns with kindness – at any cost.

Finally, Eternatus broke its confinement and began a campaign of destruction to absorb all the energy in the Galar region (possibly restoring all the energy that had been extracted from it by the generator). Like in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, Leon ascends to the top of Hammerlocke Stadium to confront and battle Eternatus. Once there, he tried to defeat Eternatus with his Charizard but failed. In the anime, Leon is actually injured quite badly after the ordeal. However, just like the games, Zacian and Zamazenta eventually appear and defeat Eternatus with their signature moves. Eternatus is later captured, but unlike in the game, it is sealed away to prevent anyone from using its power for evil again.

In both the game and anime, Rose learns about the Darkest Day, a cataclysmic event caused by Eternatus that occurred hundreds of years ago. In the anime, Eternatus itself is named Darkest Day, but Rose renames it Eternatus to paint a clearer picture of how its energy-generating abilities play a role in the future of humanity. Galar region. Despite this, he continued to carry out that plan, willing to endanger the region by any means necessary to ensure its prosperity for the next few thousand years. The scene where Hop and the players invade the Rose Tower is completely absent from the anime, which makes many of the subtle details of the plot more apparent to viewers.

It’s important to note that we’re not talking too much about Zacian and Zamazenta here because those aspects of the story make sense. When Rose gets involved things get a little confusing. As you can see, the Pokemon anime fills in a large amount of missing plot pieces from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games themselves. Many of these important pieces of information simply aren’t there in any form, which understandably leaves players very confused. Sword and Shield absolutely has the makings of a great story – but perhaps the developers need time to perfect it. If one day we get a remake of Pokemon Sword and Shield, it would be a great time to spend more development time on the story to help the Galar region reach its full potential.

What do you think about the plot of Pokemon Sword and Shield? Do you agree that it would be much better to add these missing details? Do you think a Sword and Shield remake in about 20 years will improve the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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