Daily Themed Crossword Hints May 12 2024

Daily Themed Crossword Hints May 12 2024

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Our Daily Themed Crossword Hints for May 12, 2024 puzzle will help you move through the grid if you’ve found yourself stuck on a clue. The Daily Themed Crossword is a daily crossword that tests solvers’ knowledge and vocabulary. It’s one of the most popular crosswords in the world, known for its challenging clues and clever wordplay. The puzzle is published in the print edition of the paper and is also available online.

Daily Themed Crossword Hints, May 12, 2024

You’ll find hints for all of the crossword clues for the Daily Themed Crossword on 5/12/24. The clues are listed below, and you can click/tap on a clue to go to its page for more detail, including definitions, but if you don’t want to be immediately spoiled, you can reveal letter by letter to still offer yourself more of a challenge before revealing the full solution.

  • 1A. Strike caller in baseball, for short

  • 4A. “Gross!” expression that is ugh’s kin

  • 7A. Droop downwards

  • 10A. Huge sailing spot

  • 11A. Zone or region

  • 13A. Ram’s mate

  • 14A. “The Big ___ Theory” (sitcom with “old Sheldon”)

  • 16A. ‘We ___ to talk’

  • 17A. Top over jeans

  • 18A. Arm or leg, eg

  • 20A. Pull-___ bread

  • 22A. ___ Dracula, title for the vampire owner seen in “Hotel Transylvania”

  • 24A. Olive or sunflower extract

  • 26A. “The Pioneer Woman” by ___ Drummond

  • 27A. Tiny hard worker?

  • 28A. ___ Cullen, 104-year-old vampire character from the “Twilight” novel series

  • 32A. Air-filled organs in the chest

  • 34A. Handy device

  • 35A. Opposite of “stand”

  • 36A. Give an earful

  • 38A. Cuddling in the park, eg: Abbr.

  • 39A. Comfy nightwear, for short

  • 42A. Jafar’s parrot in “Aladdin”

  • 44A. New employee

  • 46A. Superhero with the alias Tony Stark: 2 wds.

  • 49A. Tiny water bodies in parks

  • 50A. Catch red-handed

  • 51A. “I’m shaken,” on Instagram: Abbr.

  • 52A. “Mom” actress ___ Faris

  • 53A. Bride’s maiden name connector

  • 54A. Scott’s denial

  • 55A. ___ Winchester, character who becomes a “temporary vampire” in the TV series “Supernatural”

  • 1D. Port for flash drives: Abbr.

  • 2D. Happy ___, kiddie combo at McDonald’s

  • 3D. “___ Room” (movie starring Jodie Foster)

  • 4D. Gandalf portrayed by McKellen

  • 5D. Bring something into existence

  • 6D. “___ it up!” (encouraging words)

  • 7D. Backdrop of a painting or movie

  • 8D. In ___ (dumbstruck)

  • 9D. “Golly ___ whiz!”

  • 12D. Organization that promotes healthy teeth and gums: Abbr.

  • 15D. Non-___ food (label on organic food, perhaps): Abbr.

  • 19D. “Hamilton” villain, Aaron ___

  • 21D. Horse coat color pattern

  • 23D. Lion’s home backwards

  • 25D. Military officers, for short

  • 28D. Visitors from space (Abbr.)

  • 29D. Stethoscope wearer, for short

  • 30D. Win over romantically

  • 31D. “___ favor, say aye”: 2 wds.

  • 32D. Top for a pot

  • 33D. Salt Lake City’s state

  • 35D. Dishwashing essential

  • 37D. ___ Salvatore, vampire character who loves Elena in the novel series “The Vampire Diaries”

  • 39D. Susceptible to

  • 40D. ___ Sommers, momentary vampire character in the TV series “The Vampire Diaries”

  • 41D. Family vacation car

  • 43D. Portuguese explorer, Vasco da ___

  • 45D. The iPhone’s big brother

  • 46D. Traveler’s lodge

  • 47D. Singer Carly ___ Jepsen

  • 48D. British honor: Abbr.

Daily Themed Crossword is a popular online crossword puzzle game that is updated daily with new puzzles for players to solve. The game is developed by PlaySimple Games and is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Daily Themed Crossword
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The puzzles in Daily Themed Crossword are organized around a different theme each day, with clues and answers related to that theme. For example, the theme for a particular day might be movies, and all the clues and answers would be related to movies in some way.

Daily Themed Crossword
Daily Themed Crossword

The game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, with puzzles ranging from easy to difficult. The game also includes helpful features such as hints and the ability to reveal individual letters or words to help players progress through more challenging puzzles.

Daily Themed Crosswords
Daily Themed Crosswords

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