Evade Codes (May 2024) – Gamepur

Evade Codes (May 2024) – Gamepur

Updated May 13, 2024

Checked for the latest codes!

A murderous hide-and-seek game doesn’t sound like too much fun unless you’re doing it in the Roblox game Evade. In this game, you have to run and hide from killer bots, solving puzzles and challenges along the way. You can use different survival items to help you escape or band with other players to increase your chances.

To help you have even more fun in this horror comedy game, you can use codes to earn various rewards. For example, codes in Evade can give your Tokens, XP, and even cosmetics that boost your character. Fortunately for your chances of survival, we have collected all working and expired codes for Evade in this article.

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All Roblox Evade codes list

Roblox Evade codes (Working)

  • 444 — Reward: 444 Tokens (New)

Roblox Evade codes (Expired)

  • luckyday — Reward: St. Patrick’s Day Pin (New)
  • therealdeal — Rewards: free Bird Badge cosmetic
  • 1 bill — Rewards: free 1B Celebration cosmetic
  • NewYears2023 — Reward: New Year Cosmetic
  • HolidayUpdateFix — Rewards: 2k Tokens
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP — Rewards: 300 XP
  • Evade1K — Rewards: free rewards.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Evade

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Evade.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Open Roblox and launch Evade.
  2. Click the Twitter icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  3. Copy and paste or enter the working code into it Code field in the text box.
  4. Press Enter to confirm and redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to get more Roblox Evade codes

The best way to get more codes for the Roblox game Evade is to check this guide. Alternatively, other methods exist, such as following the game’s social media accounts. You can join the developer’s Evade Community Roblox group. Similarly, you can follow the Hexagon DC Twitter account and join the Evade Discord server. By doing that, you can keep up with the news about the game, stay in touch with the community, and even get new codes.

Why are my Roblox Evade codes not working?

There are a few reasons why codes may not work. For instance, you may have misspelled the code or even left a character or empty space where they shouldn’t be. For that reason, directly copying and pasting codes into the text box from the above list is the easiest and best way to go about it. Codes can expire over time, so the code that you’re trying to redeem is no longer valid. Finally, codes are usable only once most of the time, so you may be trying to redeem a code that you have already redeemed.

What is Roblox Evade?

Evade is a Roblox experience in which you have to survive game rounds for a certain amount of time, all while evading meme-based killers. You can team up with other players, and together you can increase your chances of survival and solve different puzzles. Surviving the round means earning Cash, which you can then use to buy items to help you during the next round or to get cosmetics for your character that can give you boosts.

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