Two prominent Switch Joy-Con lawsuits have been dismissed

Two prominent Switch Joy-Con lawsuits have been dismissed

Joy-Con lawsuit dismissed

An outstanding pair Switch The Joy-Con drift lawsuits have reached their conclusion and both are being dismissed.

The first case, Diaz vs. Nintendo, filed in 2019. Carbajal vs. Nintendo then started in 2020. Game files reported that “the parents who sued on behalf of their children called for the case to be dismissed.” It is currently unclear what led them to that decision. Both claim that Nintendo intentionally sold defective controllers.

For those who don’t know, Joy-Con drift occurs when registers are entered even when you’re not moving the joystick. Obviously that can make things quite annoying while gaming. For example, if you’re playing Super Mario Odyssey, Mario can move himself in a certain direction, and that’s not exactly great when trying to do a jump.

Joy-Con drift has been a hot topic for years, ever since the Switch’s original 2017 release. Some users are still affected by this issue, but Nintendo has sought to continually improve its controllers to mitigate the problem. Users can also send in their Joy-Con for repair.