Monster Hunter series sales exceed 100 million copies, Rise tops 15 million copies

Monster Hunter series sales exceed 100 million copies, Rise tops 15 million copies

Capcom today shared the latest sales data for the Monster Hunter series as well The monster hunter rises special.

The entire franchise now reaches 100 million units worldwide. Monster Hunter Rise, released on Switch, sold over 15 million units while Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak exceeded 8 million units.

The Monster Hunter series consists of action hunting games that pit players against giant monsters in beautiful natural environments. After the series created a social phenomenon through handheld gaming and solidified its position as one of Japan’s most beloved game series, it became a global brand with the released Monster Hunter: World in 2018. The title has consistently sold 1 million units per year for the seven years since its release, with total sales now reaching more than 25 million units worldwide, as it continues to set a new record for Capcom.

Furthermore, in 2021, Capcom released Monster Hunter Rise, followed by Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in 2022, a major premium expansion to the base game. Capcom has been pushing for broader platform support and long-term worldwide digital sales for these titles, leading them to both sell over 2 million units per year since each title was released. release. As a result, cumulative sales of Monster Hunter Rise have exceeded 15 million units while sales of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak have exceeded 8 million units.

In addition to releasing exciting new titles like those above, as well as wide-ranging business developments beyond gaming—including movies, food, and merchandise—Monster announcements Hunter Wilds, the latest title in the Monster Hunter series scheduled for release in 2025, has increased interest from game players and helped drive cumulative sales of more than 100 million units.

Capcom has been expanding its user base by strengthening global sales through a digital strategy and driving long-term sales in more than 230 countries and regions. The company is firmly committed to meeting the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities to create highly entertaining gaming experiences.

Monster Hunter is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with the first installment in the franchise launching in March 2004.