How to Evolve Hero Hunter (Garou) into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty) in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

How to Evolve Hero Hunter (Garou) into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty) in Anime Last Stand (ALS)

Evolving your units is essential in Anime Last Stand (ALS) to complete anything on Nightmare. This guide will lead you through the process of evolving Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty), a Mythic unit based on Garou from One Punch Manwhich can be obtained from every banner.

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Anime Last Stand Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty) Evolution Guide

To evolve Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty) in Anime Last Stand, you must first acquire the following items:

  • x1 – Hero Hunter
  • x25 – Common Spirit Shard
  • x8 – Rare Spirit Shard
  • x3 – Epic Spirit Shard
  • x3 – Legendary Spirit Shard
  • x1 – Stained Bandage

Acquiring Spirit Shards

Spirit Shards play a crucial role in the evolution process and can be acquired through a variety of methods, including completing Challenges, accessing Portals, or visiting the Converter and Gold shop. The Gold shop frequently updates its stock, and players have the option to convert extra shards to simplify the process.

Challenges offer the most effective way to obtain Spirit Shards. While it’s possible to convert Spirit Shards into higher-value ones, the required amount is significantly less than the effort involved. However, there’s no downside in doing so if you have surplus shards.

Getting Stained Bandage

Image: MrRhino

The Stained Bandage is obtained through Story Mode on Hero Association Act 6 on Nightmare. This is currently the only way to get this evolution item. It is not currently craftable, but this may change with updates. However, the drop rate is especially low; although no official drop rate has been released by the devs, players are assuming the rate is about 3-5%, so be prepared to grind if you want Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty).

Evolution Process

Once you have gathered all the necessary components, navigate to the Units menu, select the White Tiger unit, and choose the Evolve option from the dropdown menu. This action will transform Hero Hunter into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty).

Anime Last Stand Hero Hunter Bloodthirsty Evolution Window
Image: MrRhino