Tokyo Xanadu eX+ release date set for July on Switch in the West, new trailer

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ release date set for July on Switch in the West, new trailer

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ release date

Aksys Games has set a release date for Tokyo Xanadu eX+ on Switch in the west. The action RPG will be ready to launch on July 25, 2024.

The Switch version of Tokyo Xanadu eX+ has been confirmed for release in the West in March. It features new scenarios and gameplay not found in the original PlayStation Vita version along with all additional content for the game and Improved story localization.

Here is some additional information:

10 years ago, a massive earthquake devastated Tokyo and changed its people’s lives forever. The city was rebuilt and life gradually returned to normal. However, behind the curtain of this newly rebuilt metropolis lies another world, which holds a dark secret. The original earthquake that destroyed Tokyo was actually caused by the emergence of a mysterious and deadly dark world known as Eclipse. Now, action must be taken to stop the Eclipse Legion and ensure the preservation of peace!

main function

  • New scenario! Enjoy unique stories about users not depicted in the main story. Once you’ve completed the game, access a brand new mission and continue the adventure!
  • New Playable Characters, New Monsters, Dungeons and Bosses! Play as the mysterious knight, White Shroud. Use unparalleled strength and the power of light to take down vile monsters and vicious bosses! Plus, new dungeons are filled with ferocious new monster types and massive bosses to fight!
  • New boss battle mode! Review the battles with various bosses that appear in the main story. The time you spend in each battle will be recorded; How fast can you defeat each boss? This mode also features Boss Rush where you can fight bosses one after another.

You can check out the new Tokyo Xanadu eX+ release date trailer below.

Release date trailer