How to Get Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand (ASL)

How to Get Stained Bandage in Anime Last Stand (ASL)

Image: MrRhino

Anime Last Stand (ALS), a popular Roblox game, features various evolution items players strive to obtain. The Stained Bandage stands out as a particularly elusive evolution item among these items. This guide will walk you through obtaining the Stained Bandage in ALS.

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Anime Last Stand Stained Bandage Guide

The Stained Bandage can be acquired through Story Mode, specifically on Hero Association Act 6 on Nightmare difficulty in Anime Last Stand. Currently, this is the sole method of obtaining this evolution item. It is important to note that the Stained Bandage cannot be crafted as of now, although this may change in future updates.

Stained Bandage Drop Rate and Challenges

Securing the Stained Bandage is no easy feat, given its remarkably low drop rate. While the developers have not officially disclosed the drop rate, players estimate it to be around 3-5%. As a result, players should be prepared for an extensive grind in order to obtain this sought-after item. Many players within the ALS community, especially the ALS Discord, have reported difficulties acquiring the Stained Bandage, underscoring the patience required to get this evolution item from this story mission and hoping the developers will buff the rates.

What is the Stained Bandage Used For?

Anime Last Stand Hero Hunter Bloodthirsty Evolution Window
Image: MrRhino

Once obtained, the Stained Bandage serves a singular purpose: evolving the character Garou, also known as Hero Hunter, into Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty). It should be noted that the Stained Bandage holds no other utility and is exclusively used only for the evolution of Hero Hunter. Therefore, the Stained Bandage holds no value or significance for players uninterested in evolving this specific character.