How to Get Ginyu Force Relic in Project Baki 3

How to Get Ginyu Force Relic in Project Baki 3

Project Baki 3, the popular Roblox experience, has an exciting feature for Dragon Ball Z fans – the Ginyu Force Relic. For those who want to wield the might of the elite group of mercenaries, Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo, you can do just that, and here’s how to do so.

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Project Baki 3 Ginyu Force Relic Guide

Players can acquire the Ginyu Force Relic by defeating the Jiren boss at the Cell Games Arena in Project Baki 3. However, obtaining it is not a straightforward matter, as it has a 10% chance of dropping after the boss battle. You’ll know when you have received the Ginyu Force Relic as a message pops up saying, “GINYU FORCE RULES!.”

What Does the Ginyu Force Relic Do in Project Baki 3?

This relic grants the user the standard issue V-neck battle armor, a trademark of the mighty mercenaries in Frieza Force. It also enables using Ginyu Force as a Sub Ability on ANY Style. Upon activation, the user strikes a pose, summoning their comrades, the rest of the Ginyu Force, who appear behind them and pose as well. This empowerment lasts for 38 seconds and provides a substantial increase in speed, a 1.2x boost in durability, and a 1.5x increase in damage on ANY Style. It’s important to note that this powerful mode has a cooldown period of 70 seconds.

Excitingly, thanks to Goku Day, the homage to Dragon Ball Z in Project Baki 3 now allows players to experience the strength and camaraderie of the Ginyu Force through this remarkable relic. So, gear up, defeat Jiren, and harness the incredible power of the Ginyu Force in Project Baki 3!