Dying Light Definitive vs Enhanced

Dying Light Definitive vs Enhanced

When looking to purchase a game with multiple editions, it’s always good to know you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s why, when faced with both the Definitive and Enhanced editions of Dying Light, it’s helpful to know what you’re in for.

Dying Light Definitive and Enhanced

Both of these editions of Dying Light are additional packs for the base game and will set you back a little more money. However, they both offer different things and if the game is on discount, you could end up with a whole lot of DLC for very little.

Dying Light Enhanced edition

This is the cheaper of the two Dying Light DLC packs, but it still comes with some pretty good extras for not too much more than the base game. With the Dying Light Enhanced Edition, you will receive.

  • Dying Light
  • Dying Light – Crash Test Skin Bundle
  • Dying Light – The Bozak Horde
  • Dying Light – Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Dying Light Season Pass
  • Dying Light: The Following
Image: Steam

Most of these are cosmetics and new weapons for the game. However, there are two items of great value here too. The Following is a whole new area and campaign with a map twice as large as the previous Dying Light map. It massively revamped the game and gave hours of more gameplay. It is well worth the money for the Enhanced Edition of Dying Light.

The second thing to pay attention to in this bundle is the Bozak Horde in which you will wake up in a room with a bomb strapped to your ankle. It is up to you to complete trials to survive. Both of these additions to the base game massively improve it and are worth upgrading for.

Dying Light Definitive edition

The Definitive Edition of Dying Light has everything from the Enhanced edition plus a whole lot more. You may have to pay a little more to get your hands on it, but you’ll be rewarded with massive amounts of DLC. With this edition, you will receive:

Dying Light Enhanced Definitive Editions
Image: Steam
  • Dying Light
  • Dying Light: Season Pass
  • Dying Light – Cuisine & Cargo
  • Dying Light – The Bozak Horde
  • Dying Light: The Following
  • Dying Light – Crash Test Skin Bundle
  • Dying Light – Harran Ranger Bundle,
  • Dying Light – Gun Psycho Bundle
  • Dying Light – Volatile Hunter Bundle
  • Dying Light – White Death Bundle
  • Dying Light – Vintage Gunslinger Bundle
  • Dying Light – Rais Elite Bundle
  • Dying Light – Godfather Bundle
  • Dying Light – Harran Inmate Bundle
  • Dying Light – Ultimate Survivor Bundle
  • Dying Light – Retrowave Bundle
  • Dying Light – Shu Warrior Bundle
  • Dying Light – 5th Anniversary Bundle
  • Dying Light – Hell Raid
  • Dying Light – Volkan Combat Armor Bundle
  • Dying Light – Classified Operation Bundle
  • Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle
  • Dying Light – Harran Tactical Unit Bundle
  • Dying Light – Savvy Gamer Bundle
  • Dying Light – Astronaut Bundle
  • Dying Light – From Crane Bundle
  • Dying Light – Snow Ops Bundle
  • Dying Light – Dieselpunk Bundle

Again, a lot of these items are cosmetics or weapons bundles. However, along with the extras you get with the Enhanced edition comes Hellraid, which is a hack-and-slash mode added to the game and Cuisine and Cargo. The latter adds two more great quarantine zones to Dying Light for you to explore with the cache of new weapons at your disposal.

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