Sony’s Two CEOs Will Reveal ‘Long-Term Vision’ Later This Month

Sony’s Two CEOs Will Reveal ‘Long-Term Vision’ Later This Month

Sony Group Corporation and Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) have announced big changes in their leadership. Two experienced executives, Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino, will become the new CEOs. Hermen will lead SIE’s Studio Business Group, while Hideaki will lead the Platform Business Group. These changes will start on June 1, 2024. So essentially, two people are needed to take the role of one.

The old CEO, Jim Ryan, must have had a ton on his salary because that job was probably too big if two executives are needed (Thanks, EG). This could also just show that the company is making a big shift in its management. Hulst is currently in charge of PlayStation Studios right now, so he’s got a good idea of ​​what’s needed as head of the Studio Business Group. He will be responsible for making SIE’s first-party content and looking for ways to make more of their intellectual properties through PlayStation Productions.

On the other hand, Nishino is now the SVP of Sony’s Platform Experience Group, and will become the CEO of SIE’s Platform Business Group. Nishino will still be in charge of technology, products, services, and platform experience, as well as working with other companies and running the business. His role is really important for making entertainment with technology and helping the community grow by being creative at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

When you look at their roles, you can see that there was probably a need for a higher level of management or separation between the two. It’s strange that this didn’t happen when Ryan first became CEO in 2019.

“Later this month you will learn more about the long-term vision for Sony Group and the essential role SIE plays in that vision. As I mentioned previously, FY24 marks the start of the Mid-Range Plan period for Sony Group in which we will set the course for sustainable growth.”

Hiroki Totoki

In a message to Sony Interactive Entertainment employees, Totoki said he believes in the plan for the future. He talked about how well SIE is doing in making game systems, games, and services. He also mentioned that Sony Group will soon share its long-term ideas and that SIE is an important part of these plans. This shows people are excited about what Sony Group and Sony Interactive Entertainment will do next.

The upcoming changes in leadership will shift SIE’s focus and direction. Hulst and Nishino will now report to Hiroki Totoki, who will move from interim CEO to Chairman of SIE and keep his other jobs at Sony Group Corporation. This new management style is meant to strengthen each main business and make the different parts of Sony Interactive Entertainment work well together.