How to defeat the Bat boss in Animal Well

How to defeat the Bat boss in Animal Well

One of the scarier bosses to tackle in Animal Well is the Bat, but how can you defeat this boss? If you don’t know the correct tools to use, you’ll be digging your own grave.

Animal Well: How to defeat the Bat boss

The Bat boss is easier than you think, you just need to find the right items to do the trick. You can defeat the Bat boss in Animal Well by lighting three Firecrackers. While many enemies like those ghosts that chase you are dispelled just with one Firecracker, the Bat will only fly away if you use three in one go.

Where to find Firecrackers and a Match

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First off, you need a full set of Firecrackers to get rid of the Bat. You can find three Firecrackers together just one room to the left from where you fight the Bat. Before you light the Match that sets off the Bat (the easiest way to get to this room), jump up to the left side of the room and throw your Yo-yo upwards. You’ll break a stalactite on the ceiling, allowing you access to this room’s top left exit.

How To Defeat The Bat Boss In Animal Well Match
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The room to the west of the Bat room contains three Firecrackers ready for use. Also, if you haven’t found a new Match yet to like the Unlit Candle, there’s one a bit further from here. Continuous heading east from the Bat room until you reach the Telephone in the room with the three dog statues. Head one room to the right, then hop down to the southern room. You’ll find a chest with a Match inside of it.

How to beat the Bat

How To Defeat The Bat Boss In Animal Well Firecracker
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Now for the Bat fight. Take your three Firecrackers and Match back to the Bat, light the Unlit Candle, and start the battle. If you immediately throw down a Firecracker, it’ll already get stunned. I then waited a second to throw the second, then again for the third to make sure it got affected by them all.

After I threw down three Firecrackers in total, the Bat got annoyed with me and flew away. That’s all it takes to defeat the Bat in Animal Well, and now you can solve new puzzles like unlocking the cat cages.

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