How to find Juju in Gatekeeper

How to find Juju in Gatekeeper

Different achievements in Gatekeeper will unlock different Artifact groups, allowing you to bring more powerful upgrades into your runs. One of these achievements is to find Juju.

Where is Juju in Gatekeeper?

I was pulling my hair out trying to find Juju in Gatekeeper. When, as is typical, I finally found it out of sheer luck when I wasn’t even trying to find it. I considered that Juju could only be found incredibly late into the run, as I had no luck whatsoever finding it. Until I did.

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Juju can be found on the Ethereal Bridge in Celestium, the second planet you’ll venture to. Upon spawning in, go north until you find a tree. Nestled into the roots of that tree will be Juju, just sitting there. You’ll need to go right up to it to be able to activate it, however.

Upon activating Juju, you’ll complete the achievement “Find Juju”, and the Artifact group will unlock. This artifact group only has one Artifact, aptly named Juju.

The Juju Artifact in Gatekeeper

If you head to the Emporium, you’ll see the Juju Artifact group unlockedand you can purchase Juju for four Omni Stones.

Juju is an Amulet Artifact, so you’ll rarely find it on your runs. Like the other Amulets, it will summon a unit to help you in combat. Juju has a 10% chance to be summoned upon a Skill hitwhich is any kind of attack hit that comes from the Gatekeeper, not from another Artifact.

Upon being released, Juju will attack for 150% of your base damage, and will bounce around to hit 10 enemies in succession if they’re around. It will despawn after dealing its damage. Every stack of Juju will increase its damage by 150%.

Gatekeeper Juju
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Although Juju is pretty powerful, it doesn’t really compare to some of the other Amulet Artifacts out there. The Swarm Pendantan Artifact you start with, deals much more damage and has a higher chance of being summoned, although from enemy kills, not hits.

Juju is best used in conjunction with Gatekeepers with a high fire rate, like Hybrid. Averagely, every 10 shots will spawn a Juju to quickly hit other enemies, allowing you to rapidly whittle down the health of hordes or powerful creatures.

If you have a slower fire rate, then it’s best to prioritize other Amulet Artifacts if the choice presents itself. Juju is will worth picking up, however, especially if you find yourself on the Ethereal Bridge.

Now that you know how to find Juju, you’ll need to know how to find the Dawnbreaker in Gatekeeper, if you haven’t already.

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