Monster Hunter Series Sales Top 100 Million on Franchise’s 20th Birthday

Monster Hunter Series Sales Top 100 Million on Franchise’s 20th Birthday

Capcom has announced a major sales milestone for the Monster Hunter series as a whole, which feels like a fitting birthday present for the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

In a press release, Capcom reveals that Monster Hunter has crossed 100 million sales across the entire franchise, a figure to which entries like World and Riseas well as their respective expansions, have contributed significantly.

In fact, a quick glance at Capcom’s “Platinum Titles” list, which celebrates Capcom games that have sold more than a million units, shows that Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise are the two best-selling games in the studio’s history.

Monster Hunter has crossed the 100 million sales mark.

According to Capcom, Monster Hunter World has sold over a million copies each year since the game was released, and sales for the game now stand at more than 25 million units (if the Iceborn Master Edition version is also counted).

Monster Hunter Risemeanwhile, which was released back in 2021, has sold “over approximately 2 million units annually” since its launch, and its expansion Sunbreakwhich was released the following year, has done the same.

Capcom says that together with the Monster Hunter Wilds announcement made last year, these figures have helped drive the Monster Hunter franchise to its 100-million-sale milestone. More Monster Hunter Wilds info is coming in summer, too, so perhaps interest in the series will be renewed once again then.

The player fleeing from furry beasts in Monster Hunter Wilds
A new Monster Hunter game is rumbling into town soon.

The Monster Hunter series started all the way back in 2004 with the original Monster Hunterand many sequels and spinoffs followed, spanning four console generations.

As well as the regular action RPG series, Monster Hunter has also dabbled in turn-based RPGs and Pokemon Go-style augmented reality mobile games, among other genres. It’s also made the jump to live-action feature films and anime, as well as crossing over with franchises like the nostalgia-riffic Zoids.

We’ll learn more about the future of the Monster Hunter franchise in the coming months. For now, though, if you’re a Monster Hunter fan, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re far from alone.