Dead by Daylight Eighth Anniversary Plans Include Vecna, Spinoffs, and More

Dead by Daylight Eighth Anniversary Plans Include Vecna, Spinoffs, and More

Dead by Daylight is eight years old this year, and developer Behavior Interactive is celebrating with a slew of new announcements surrounding the game.

During an anniversary celebration stream today, Behavior revealed a number of new things coming to Dead by Daylightincluding more details about the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons crossover, a new game announcement, and another tantalizing crossover.

First up, the Dungeons & Dragons crossover content has been revealed, and if you guessed that everyone’s favorite lich Vecna ​​would be the killer joining the roster from the popular tabletop RPG, you’d be absolutely correct.

Say hello to Dead by Daylight‘s newest killer Vecna. Then run away from him screaming.

Along with Vecna, the crossover is also bringing a new survivor (well, technically two) in the form of the Bard. You can choose between elven female Aestri Yazar and human male Baermar Uraz for your Bard.

A new map, the Forgotten Ruins, is being introduced. It’s Vecna’s domain, but it’s scattered with chests in which you can find gear to help you fight his spells. In a cute Dungeons & Dragons-themed twist, you’ll have to roll to see what item you get.

All of this Dungeons & Dragons-themed stuff is coming to Dead by Daylight on June 3rd, but if you’re of a mind, you can check it out right now on the PTB (public test build) via Steam. You can do that by selecting the “public-test” branch in the game’s Properties window within your Steam library.

Dead by Daylight spinoffs ahead

As well as learning about the Dungeons & Dragons crossover, we also got a glimpse of some of Dead by Daylight‘s upcoming spinoffs.

None of them are perhaps quite as out there as Hooked On You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Simbut they should whet your appetite for more Dead by Daylight content.

First up, Project T is a third-person co-op shooter in which you will explore the Backwater, a hitherto-unexplored region controlled by the Entity. The game is in its early development stages right now, so you’ll have to wait for a bit more info in the coming months.

A character carrying a barrel of something towards a pipe in the Dead by Daylight spinoff Project T
Dead by Daylight spinoff Project T is currently in its early development stages.

We also got to hear more about The Casting of Frank Stonethe single-player narrative horror game currently in development over at The Quarry and The Dark Pictures dev Supermassive Games.

The game will revolve around a group of teens who head to a small town in order to make a movie. It sounds like a pretty typical Supermassive setup, but with the extra spice added by the Dead by Daylight connection.

Finally, a brand new game What the Fog, it had been announced. It’s a “chaotic roguelite” in which you’ll need to work with a friend to complete objectives across a series of procedurally-generated levels. The game’s available right now on Steam, and it’s free for a limited time as well.

A character running towards a bug on a wooden platform in Dead by Daylight spinoff What the Fog
Dead by Daylight sure is getting some spinoffs.

Dead by Daylight itself isn’t getting neglected, of course. The game is getting a new 2v8 mode (and it will be a mode, rather than a modifier) ​​that will see teams of two killers and eight survivors working together.

Abilities in this mode will be rebalanced around co-operative play, and a class system will be introduced to replace Dead by Daylight‘s usual Perks. Behavior says it’ll reveal more about this fashion later this year.

Last but not least, Behavior also revealed a brand new crossover: Castlevania is coming to Dead by Daylight.

We don’t know too much else about this crossover yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out. If Dracula is the killer, surely none of the Belmonts can be survivors? After all, Belmonts don’t flee from Dracula.

That’s all for today’s jam-packed Dead by Daylight anniversary show, anyway. Stay tuned for more on everything you’ve heard about here!