Dead by Daylight received Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania chapters

Dead by Daylight received Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania chapters

Dead in daylight is still going strong and today brand new Chapters were revealed based on Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania.

The Dungeons & Dragons chapter will make its debut on June 3. Castlevania will follow this summer. Additionally, 2V8 Mode is planned.

Dead by Daylight x Dungeons & Dragons

A new story is about to begin! Dead by Daylight: Dungeons & Dragons was announced as the game’s next Main Chapter. Iconic Dungeons & Dragons villain Vecna, known in Dead by Daylight as The Lich will impose his deadly will as the new Slayer, while the Bard, Aestri Yazar is the new Survivor. Thrilling new map, Forgotten Relics takes players to a mysterious dungeon filled with Easter eggs for fans.

Dungeon & Dragons staples such as loot acquisition, magical items and dice rolling will also be incorporated into the gameplay allowing players to channel their inner adventurer.

Players can try out new Killer, Survivors and gameplay features in the Public Beta Build, available now.

2V8 mode

In news that is sure to please longtime fans, a 2V8 Game Mode has been announced for Dead by Daylight bringing a brand new gameplay experience that promises to shake up the Realms of the Dead. can. The widely requested mode will see two Killers take on eight Survivors on a much larger Map.

To amp up the action, several gameplay tweaks have been made, including the substitution of Perks for the base class system and the addition of Cages instead of Hooks. More information about 2V8 Game Mode will be revealed during a future livestream this July.

Castlevania’s Gothic horror comes with mist

The final surprise of the show was the trailer for the upcoming Castlevania Chapter. Players have been given a small glimpse of what they can expect when the long-running gaming franchise forays into Dead by Daylight later this year.