The Obelisk update (version 1.4.0), patch notes, are now available

The Obelisk update (version 1.4.0), patch notes, are now available

On Obelisk 1.4.0 update

The other side of the Obelisk released a new update today as version 1.4.0.

The patch includes bug fixes along with a bunch of new changes. New events and challenges are also included.

Here’s the full list:

On the Obelisk 1.4.0 update version patch notes

The sound system has been redone

  • Bicycle sound system for outstanding sound
  • 3 new sounds for all heroes, bosses, monsters in Act 1 and most of Act 2.
  • Pull the sound for the card, with different sounds depending on the card type.
  • Many new sounds for the game UI.
  • A characteristic sound that indicates when it’s your turn in a multiplayer game.
  • Two new options in settings to return to the old sound system or keep the new sound system as is except keeping the Sheep and Owl sounds.

New events in all regions.

  • Lots of new event response options for all heroes.

New language.

  • The game has been fully translated into German and French.

New weekly challenges and cards: Rise of the Machines.

  • Added 4 new cards, 1 for each class.
  • Added 4 new items.

Wolf war changes

  • 2 new skins! Young Reginald and Young Thuls.
  • All skins (new and old) can now be used from the start, simply by owning the dlc, without having to unlock them first.

Change balance

  • Removed Weak immunity from all bosses in Adventure mode except Archon Nhir in berserk mode. With Despair corruptor, the end-of-chapter boss will retain immunity to the Weak.
  • Reduces Archon Nhir’s base Hp by 10% in Madness mode and by 15% with Despair saboteur.
  • Archon Nhir; Apotheosis enchantment, increases shield gain when hitting blue and yellow versions.
  • Archon Nhir; Divine Punishment-Corruption-Lethargy, slightly increases base damage in blue and yellow versions.
  • Removes Weak immunity from all Obelisk Challenge bosses except the bosses that appear on the third floor during madness 10.

Change card

  • Atonement: Added Fire Spell card.
  • Blade Flurry: Blue upgrade now also applies bleed, yellow upgrade doesn’t cause poison or bleed but gives you rage instead.
  • Burning Shot: Now rare (common word), reworked to scale from fast or enhanced.
  • Caltrops: Upgrades are now rare (from uncommon), blue upgrades now give blocks.
  • Charge: blue upgrade increased quickly to 2 (from 1)
  • Crescent Light: Added Fire Spell card.
  • Death Coil: Scaled up a bit.
  • Divine Ire: Added Fire Spell card to both upgrades.
  • Liberation: Now rare (uncommon word), block increased.
  • Explosive Shot: Now epic (popular word), reworked to suit your speed.
  • Evanescent: Added defense cards. Yellow upgrade, reduces card disappearance rate to 1.5 (from 2)
  • Eviscerate: Increases damage, poison, and bleeding.
  • Feint: blue upgrade now targets one hero.
  • Hit and run: Rework to match your speed.
  • Holy Fire: Added Fire Spell card.
  • Holy Ripple: Added Fire Spell card to the blue upgrade.
  • Necropotence: Reduced chance of cards disappearing to 1.5 (from 2)
  • Parry: Now Epic (rare word), reworked with targeting another champion or overcharging.
  • Penance: Added Fire Spell card to the blue upgrade.
  • Puncture: Reworked to increase the speed difference ratio.
  • Purging the Wicked: Increases sanctification cost applied, lowers temperature, and normalizes to x5 across all versions.
  • Nightmare Recurs: The base card is now epic (rare word).
  • Sacred Bolt: Added Fire Spell card to the blue upgrade.
  • Thorny Shield: Slightly increased block in both upgrades.
  • Stoneskin: Adjusted all values, blue upgrade has overcharge and yellow upgrade gives power.


  • Fixed Navalea’s Undying Will card not working properly when she dies from a curse effect at the beginning of her turn (fe, bleeding).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from launching the final battles (Lord Hanshek and Archon Nhir) in some cases. While this is almost non-existent on the PC version, the issue is prominent on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed an issue showing some pets for sale in town when they weren’t.
  • Fixed reset of pet availability between towns when selecting a reward shop during an adventure.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in Tome of Knowledge that caused the page number tabs to be hidden when users searched for a card number.
  • Fixed a visual issue with some in-game shaders being displayed incorrectly in some cases (fe icons, lock).
  • Small text edits here and there.

Across the Obelisk update version 1.4.0 is now available on Switch.