How to get Helltide Threat and Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4

How to get Helltide Threat and Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4

The latest Diablo 4 update has presented players with a lot of mechanics that have made the game much more enjoyable. One of the events that have benefited from these additions is the Helltide, with brand new mechanics and items in the form of Helltide Threat and Baneful Hearts.

It’s time to go monster hunting. Here is how to get Threat and Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4.

How to get Helltide Threat in Diablo 4

Raising your Helltide Threat level is as simple as defeating enemies during an active Helltide event. You can see your current Helltide Threat level represented by a meters below your Aberrant Cinders count.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

If the enemies are more powerful, then the bar will fill up more quickly. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, wrong! The bar actually moves pretty slowly, so you will have to spend quite a decent amount of time filling it up. Moreover, if you die, you lose any Helltide Threat you might have accumulated.

Diablo 4 Helltide Threat
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you survive long enough, you will eventually fill all three sections of the bar, with each one representing a Tier. After each Helltide Threat Tier is completed, you’ll become Hell Marked and a swarm of enemies will attempt to overwhelm you, with Tier 3 being the densest monster population spawn of the bunch. After clearing the hurdle, a boss monster will spawn and drop rare rewards when slain.

How to get Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4

Baneful Hearts are found within Tortured Gift chests in Helltide zones. All you need to do is collect enough Abberant Cinders (the cheapest chest has a price tag of 75) and collect the loot inside to get a chance of obtaining a Baneful Heart.

Diablo 4 Tortured Gifts Chests
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You will then need to take three of these Baneful Hearts to an Accursed Ritual which will appear on your map. Look for a bright red icon depicting a horned demon.

Diablo 4 Accursed Ritual Location
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Offer Baneful Hearts to an Accursed Altar and you will begin a boss battle against a Blood Maiden, a very strong boss that drops rare items and gear upon defeat. Note that you don’t have to offer all the Baneful Hearts yourself since other players will be able to pitch in with their own to make the summoning ritual easier for everyone involved.

Diablo 4 Blood Maiden Fight
Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you can see, the difficulty of getting both Helltide Threat and Baneful Hearts will depend on what World Tier you are playing in Diablo 4. Of course, World Tier 3 and 4 will provide the best possible loot, but I suggest approaching these new Helltide mechanics with a group of friends. I tried going solo in World Tier 4 and the amount of Helltide Threat resets – aka, dying – I experienced almost drove me insane. Don’t follow my example, and be smart about collecting your Helltide rewards!

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