How multiplayer works in Wuthering Waves: Co-op, explained

How multiplayer works in Wuthering Waves: Co-op, explained

With Wuthering Waves being the new hot gacha game, players are interested in how the multiplayer co-op system works. Can you invite players to your realm, or is it like an MMO where you see players in the open world?

Wuthering Waves: Multiplayer co-op, explained

The good news is that Wuthering Waves does have multiplayer co-op features! That doesn’t mean you can’t play it alone, it means that you will have the option to play with a friend or two. But how does this system work? Well, the co-op system works in a way where you can invite friends to your world or they can invite you to play in their realm.

Anyone who plays Genshin Impact should recognize this type of multiplayer system. Wuthering Waves isn’t an MMO, but a game where you can have three-player parties in one realm. If you don’t have any friends who play Wuthering Waves, that’s no issue! You can invite strangers into your Realm, and you can enter strangers’ worlds as well.

Image: Kuro games

This multiplayer system allows you and your two other party members to tackle bosses together and explore the open world to your heart’s content. You can also expect to keep any of the items that you’ve farmed in someone else’s world, and vice versa.

Wuthering Waves has already had some playtests that allowed players to test out the multiplayer features, as shown in this Reddit post. In the video posted, it seems that even during the playtest Wuthering Waves has a pretty smooth co-op experience without much latency.

When it comes to quests, we’re not entirely sure if you can engage in quests with other players in this co-op mode. While this would be a fun feature, we’ll have to see if players can complete quests together in one realm once Wuthering Waves is available to all players. Wuthering Waves is certainly going to be one of the best games like Genshin Impact.

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