Helldivers 2 Adds PSN as Optional-Only Feature, May Be End of Controversy

Helldivers 2 Adds PSN as Optional-Only Feature, May Be End of Controversy

Image: Arrowhead Game Studios

In some big news, a new update for Helldivers 2 now lets players choose to link their PlayStation Network (PSN) accounts. This might help solve a problem that has been causing a lot of debate in the gaming community. The update, which came out during a flurry of events, is a really important development in the story of how linking accounts went from being required to being optional.

Earlier this month, Sony Interactive Entertainment said that PC players must connect their Steam and PSN accounts to keep playing Helldivers 2. Many people got upset about this, especially in places where the PlayStation Network is not available. Following a lot of bad reviews and worries about how it would affect players in some places, Sony changed their mind. The newest update makes this change official by adding an option to link accounts in the game settings (Thanks, GR). The fact that this is optional shows that we will likely never see account linking as a requirement to play the game.

While the update is a big step towards fixing the complicated account linking problem, the developers are still working on other issues. Some of the concerns include players getting too much XP, Arc weapons sometimes not working right, delays in giving out Super Credits and Medals, and a few other technical problems. It stops the game from crashing often and ensures players don’t get stuck when the host leaves. It also fixes the colors for the AR-61 Tenderizer.

While these fixes exist, the update also mentions that they must still work on problems. This includes the assault rifle from the recent Polar Patriots Warbond not working well. Also, despite these changes, it’s still not clear if Helldivers 2 will be available in some countries. The CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, Johan Pilestedt, has been speaking out to make sure the game can be played everywhere. He’s working hard with PlayStation and Valve to try to solve the problem.