How to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2

How to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2

Zero Hour is a brutal mission, and if you thought the boss fight at the end would be easy, you’re in for a nasty surprise. Here’s how to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2.

How to beat the Final Boss of the Zero Hour Exotic Mission

Siriks has a ton of lethal attacks and forces you to split your attention between multiple threats. Let’s talk weapons first. I strongly recommend a Scout Rifle, as most battles will be fought at range. The Polaris Lance, in particular, is phenomenal in this battle as its Solar element can knock out Shank Shields.

As for your heavy option, I used the Xenophage, which is like a sniper rifle on steroids. a Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher will do just fine if you can land your hits. This fight goes on for a while, so you’ll likely fall back on your Primary option for the second phase of the battle.

Phase One

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you enter the arena, it’s tempting to focus on Siriks, but there are a lot of reinforcements to deal with around the arena’s edges. Most of the mobs have long-range weaponsso it’s a good idea to deal with them first.

Siriks likes to teleport all over the place, but once you’ve knocked his health down enough, he will spawn a pair of Servitors.

Defeat the Servitors

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The Servitors are dangerous as they each have an army of Sniper Shanks surrounding them. This is true that long-range weapon I recommended will come in handy. Poke at each Servitor from afar, then demolish the Shanks.

Once both Servitors are defeated, Siriks will return to the arena. The next wave of reinforcements will appear once you knock Siriks below half-health.

Defeat the Walkers

How to beat Siriks of House Salvation in Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Siriks will teleport away, and a pair of Walkers will spawn at the back of the arena. If you stand near the middle, both Walkers can target you, so I recommend using the boxes for cover below and focusing on one at a time.

Fortunately, these Walkers are the same as usual, but they have plenty of health. Once you’ve defeated both walkers, you’ve made it halfway through the battle.

Phase Two

Phase 2
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You’re probably hurting for time at this point, but you still have a bit of a slog ahead of you. Siriks returns to the battle in an armored Brig surrounded by a ton of reinforcements. Deal with the mobs firstbut you must stay on the move to avoid the Orbital Lasers.

If you notice firey effects around you, it’s time to move, as the area will be bombed shortly after. I found the safest place to stand was in the Hangar at the back of the arena. Siriks doesn’t move much, and I could easily land critical hits with my Polaris Lance from a distance.

The Hanger is pretty safe, so you shouldn’t have to retreat for cover too often. Close the distance to use your Super Ability, but you should be able to knock Siriks out from afar.

I beat Siriks as a duo just over 10 minutes with suboptimal gear. I swapped to the Polaris Lance mid-fight, which was much more effective than the Handcannon I used before.

As long as you keep your distance and prioritize mobs, you should easily be able to beat Siriks faster than I could. I’ve sung the Polaris Lance’s praise in this guide, but any powerful Exotic weapon is better than nothing.

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