How to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2

How to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2

TR3-VR is the terrifying machine that roams the rat run in the Zero Hour Exotic Mission. This encounter is rough if you don’t know what to do, so let me lend a hand. Here’s how to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2

How to escape the maze in the Zero Hour Exotic Mission in Destiny 2

The maze is complicated to navigate as every wall looks the same, and you can’t even jump to get a bird’s eye view. Fortunately, you’re shown the layout on a screen just before you enter.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

The image above is a map of the maze, and you can see that it’s not as complex as it seems. The maze is symmetricaland the horizontal line across the middle indicates a large chasm you can jump across.

Your goal is to activate four switches in the maze, and their locations are shown with the red triangles on the map.

Once you’ve flipped every switch, a door will open so you can escape. If you’re playing with a friend, you can complete this section very quickly and take a side each. It sounds easy, but TR3-VR will make your life much more difficult.

How to beat TR3-VR in Zero Hour

Here’s the neat part: you don’t. TR3-VR is unkillable, and the only way to “beat” it is to stay out of its way. The red light on the front gives TR3-VR’s location away long before you’re in danger.

If you spot the red light, you can try to break the line of sight by running around a corner. You can too crouch in one of the handy guys scattered around the maze. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you die, as you’ll respawn by the entrance, but it does cost precious time.

The best way to beat this part of the mission is to call out TR3-VR’s location to your teammates. Watch out for the Arc Barriers around the area. You must wait for them to turn off, but TR3-VR can pass straight through.

How to escape TR3-VR in Zero Hour Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While time is of the essence in Zero Hour, I urge you to take your time navigating the maze. If you make it out without dying, there’s even a cool Triumph up for grabs!

Once you’ve escaped the maze, you’re one step closer to the final boss battle. The Polaris Lance is a phenomenal weapon for the encounter, but any long-range gun will do the trick.

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