How to preload XDefiant

How to preload XDefiant

We are finally here after a few betas XDefiant is finally coming out in full. To prepare yourself for it supposed to be the “CoD killer” it’s best to get ahead with your friends and pre-load the game. This can be a little confusing with all the time zones, which is why this guide will cover how to preload XDefiant.

XDefiant: How to preload

There’s going to be a few steps before you go guns blazing with the best weapons in the game. The first and probably the most obvious is to download Ubisoft’s launcher, Ubisoft Connect. Make sure you have an account as well. You can use your Xbox, Gmail, and other properties to gain access. Once that’s done, you have to wait until May 16th to preload. Meaning, the game will be available on your computer but you won’t be able to play it XDefiant launches on May 21st.

For console users, you don’t have access to Ubisoft Connect. To pre-load head into the respective store and simply download it there. However, just like PC users, you’ll have to download it around either May 16th or the 17th.

Image: Ubisoft

When do pre-load times begin?

As mentioned, time zones can be confusing, and game developers most of the time have information based on where they are. This many forces to calculate what time it’ll be available for them. I have been in this situation many times before and have been left confused, sadly XDefiant follows suit. But, don’t worry I got the time zones for each region below to help make sense of all of this.

The following times are for all platforms as well.

  • For the US and Canada, you can pre-load XDefiant on May 16th at 1 PM EST. The game will launch for you on May 21st at 1 PM.
  • All of Europe can pre-load the game on May 16th at 7 PM CEST. The full game will become available on May 21st at 7 PM CEST
  • South America expects pre-loading to start May 16th at 2 PM BRT. The following week on May 21st at 2 PM BRT, you should be able to play.
  • For Oceania and Asia users, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Pre-load starts on May 17th at 3 AM AET, and the game goes live on May 22nd at 3 AM AET.
Xdefiant Pre Load Times
Image: Ubisoft

XDefiant looks promising regarding its SBMM, ranked, and casual modes. It could give CoD a run for its money.

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