How to fix portal crashes in Diablo 4 Season 4

How to fix portal crashes in Diablo 4 Season 4

Tired of crashes interrupting your Diablo 4 loot grind in Season 4? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. The forces of Hell have introduced a nasty new bug that causes Diablo 4 to crash when players use portals or fast travel.

This guide covers the cause of crashes in Diablo 4 and a potential fix involving specific graphics settings with NVIDIA graphics cards.

How to fix crashing in Diablo 4 when fast traveling

Since the arrival of Season 4, which introduced a brand-new item overhaul and endgame activity, many players are finding themselves face-to-face with the toughest foe in the game: frequent crashes. These crashes typically occur when using a Town Portal or fast travel but can also happen during or shortly after loading screens.

As someone who has experienced many crashes myself this Season, I was able to fix all crashing issues in Diablo 4 by disabling NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation in the game’s settings.

How to disable NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation in Diablo 4

Screenshot: PC Invasion

To disable NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation in Diablo 4 and hopefully prevent future crashes, follow these steps:

  • Press Esc and select Options
  • In the Graphics tab, scroll down to Performance
  • Untick the box labeled NVIDIA DLSS Frame Generation
  • Select SaveChanges

Note that this option is only available on PCs using certain NVIDIA cards, such as the GeForce RTX 4060. It goes without saying for all PC game fixes, but also ensure your drivers are up to date.

How to Scan and Repair Diablo 4

If you aren’t using an NVIDIA GPU or disabling DLSS Frame Generation didn’t solve your crashes, the next step is to Scan and Repair Diablo 4 in the client:

  • Close Diablo IV if the game is open
  • Open the (Blizzard) client
  • Next to the Play button, select the cog icon
  • Select Scan and Repair

Scan and Repair does exactly what it says on the tin: it scans Diablo 4’s contents to see if any files have gone funky and replaces them if necessary.

If you’re still experiencing crashes, all that’s left to do is wait for Blizzard to release a fix. If you believe your crashes are related to the current bug, you can also contact Blizzard support directly or reach out on the official forums.

Whether you’re ready to jump back into Sanctuary or are still waiting for Blizzard to conjure a solution, catch up on everything you need to know about Wolf’s Honor, a brand-new reputation grind in Season 4 with exclusive rewards.

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