Evaluating the placement process for Nintendo Switch

Evaluating the placement process for Nintendo Switch

System: Switch
Release date: May 9, 2024
Developers: Canteen
Publishing company: Playtonic Friends

IN Grouping: The Classification Process, you are an employee of Ringo CorpoNation. You spend hours sorting through genetic samples only to come home, maybe play video games, eat, and sleep. No real joy. This is a daily process. You start to wonder if there’s more to it. Oh, there’s more to it than that.

Corporation: The placement process is set in a world where your employer can be involved in every aspect of your life. From the apartment you live in, the food you eat, and all forms of media and entertainment on offer, Ringo CorpoNation is at the helm of it all. Everything you have access to is carefully and meticulously created and approved by your employer.

CorpoNation review

Navigating the game is quite simple in handheld mode as the entire experience supports the Switch’s touchscreen. You can navigate menus and complete any task entirely by touch if you want. Despite full controller support, I found that playing just on the touch screen worked really well overall and even performed tasks faster — which is great for accumulating credits : the game’s currency. The entire gameplay loop will require you to earn and spend your salary, and you can do it in a multitude of ways. Just don’t forget that your bills must come first or you will be subject to repossession until all debts are paid. Now this is starting to sound more and more like real life, isn’t it?

Every work day will start the same: wake up, take the elevator to the sample sorting room, check and confirm emails, and complete the tasks at hand – this can change immediately and without Get real training on this topic beyond looking at your employee handbook. (This is starting to give me personal flashbacks.) After you have followed the day’s strange rules to the best of your ability and placed the samples in the appropriate containers for the given amount of time approved, you are allowed to take the elevator. back to your team (which you hired from Ringo CorpoNation to work for them), you’ll be able to chat with company-approved messaging friends and play a few company-approved games or even Buying furniture for your team reflects the pride you have in your employer. After all, culture matters! Work hard!

CorpoNation review

During your days apart, your chat friends may share some of their doubts about what’s really going on here. You will also receive strange confusing emails that will leave you with some questions of your own. You have the right to ignore them and report them and be a good little employee. You can even report your friends if you feel they are planning to dissent! But also… you can also pursue the questions yourself. What are word patterns? CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is a wonderfully dark approach to society and hard work. Finally, when you’re annoyed enough to rebel against your corporate overlords, amnesty comes in the form of a rebel group called Synthetics. Armed with Ringo CorpoNation’s many detractors of slavery and wage exploitation, Synthesis’s organization seeks to shed light on both the purpose and origin of genetic samples, while also finding a way to escape from endless work. If we ourselves do not feel this way at one time or another in our waking lives then we are lucky.

It may be a satirical approach, but CorpoNation comes too close to a lot of points these days. In a world where we live to work, can’t have parents stay home to raise children due to financial stress, and sometimes have to choose between food and life-saving medicine, releasing a game where capitalism late-stage capitalism realized The worst possible potential is an extremely scary experience in some ways – given the hand that corporations have had in Western governments, that nor does it seem impossible, but inevitable, and that is the scariest thought of all.


Beautifully depicted with a dark and futuristic aesthetic, CorpoNation: The Sorting Process is a wild ride through a story filled with tension and frustration, along with one of the best plot twists ever. I’ve seen it for a while. Given its modest price, I’d give this one a try if you like story-driven games and don’t mind solving a puzzle or two and sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. Now I have to go to sleep so I can wake up and participate in capitalism so I can overcome escalating bills and rising food costs. Remember: without poverty, what do we have to strive for?

Corporation: A copy of the Arrangement Procedures was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.