Can You Change Traits in Starfield?  Answered

Can You Change Traits in Starfield? Answered

At the beginning of your Starfield journey, you get to choose three Traits from an array of options. These Traits offer unique gameplay avenues and roleplay options. But what if you decide later on in your playthrough that you don’t want a certain Trait anymore? Or what if you want to add a new Trait instead?

Can you remove or add Traits?

Make sure you choose the best Traits because you may be stuck with them. While you can change certain Traits Starfield by removing them, you can’t actually add new ones. It’s strange that the game allows you to delete ones without the ability to replace them, but let me explain more about this concept.

Screenshot: Bethesda Softworks

You can only remove certain Traits in Starfield, such as Kid Stuff, Introvert/Extrovert, and Raised Enlightened/Universal. Each Trait has specific removal methods. For example, Kid Stuff allows you to visit your parents, but you have to give them 2% of your Credits weekly. If you chat with your parents, there’s an option to remove the Trait by telling them you can’t afford to pay them anymore.

Removing other Traits requires surgical procedures, while some ask that you speak with the people related to the Trait. The strange thing about this is that while you can reduce the amount of Traits you have, you can’t replace them with new ones. For now, the only way to do so is through console commandsbut if you’re not a fan of using cheats, be careful when picking Traits.

Perhaps in the future, there will be a way to pay for a procedure that adds new Traits, similar to how you can pay to remove them. But currently, you can only perform specific Trait changes in Starfield.

Starfield is available on Steam.

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