How to clear CP to summon new units in Men of War 2

How to clear CP to summon new units in Men of War 2

Do you need an urgent change of strategy and your units won’t fit the bill? Well, time to retreat and reorganize. Here is how to clear your CP cap to summon new units in Men of War 2.

Men of War 2: What is CP?

If you are an RTS veteran, then you probably think that you will need to create some sort of barracks to create your units or even build living facilities of some kind to increase your population limit. And you would be wrong! No worries, I was too. You see, at the start of any skirmish or campaign mission, you will be assigned a specific CP – also known as command points, which will determine your soldier cap. That is, how many groups of units you have on the field.

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You can choose to summon all types of units from tanks, trucks, militia, riflemen, and quite a lot more – and yes, it is a lot indeed. However, getting overly excited with a specific unit can be counterproductive since each encounter in Men of War 2 will require specific units to do the job correctly and not be blown to pieces in an instant. If you find that your CP cap is full, you will need to order your troops to retreat to the reserves – no, you don’t need to kill your units like you would other RTSs, you monster.

Men of War 2: How to clear CP to summon new units

To clear your CP cap and summon new units in Men of War 2, choose the units you want to reserve and click on the appropriate retreat button at the bottom of the screen which is the leftmost button. You can do this with groups of soldiers or even a single soldier. The units then will begin to run toward your edge of the map. At that moment, you can either cancel the retreat by selecting them and moving them back to the field or just wait for them to run to the edge of the map.

Men Of War 2 Retreat
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once your units disappear into the sunset, your CP will be cleared according to the unit CP cost. Then, you can summon other unit types to alter your strategy and survive the confrontation. There are two summon openings you can use that will enter a cooldown when you summon a group of soldiers, so be sure to keep one of them free so that you won’t end up stuck.

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