Braid: Anniversary Edition launch trailer

Braid: Anniversary Edition launch trailer

Take your time to solve the subtle platforming puzzles in this update of the indie classic “Braid,” featuring refreshed artwork and insightful commentary from the creator. Travel from a home in the city through a series of interconnected worlds where time behaves strangely, searching for an elusive Princess. Along the way, you’ll discover memories and regrets that still haunt you. This anniversary edition remake of the award-winning platformer features completely repainted high-resolution graphics, new sound effects, and expanded audio commentary.

Rewind, pause, and use the strange properties of time in each world to run and jump through beautifully painted environments. Avoid hazards, unlock doors and collect puzzle pieces to assemble. If you get stuck on a particular puzzle, feel free to move on and come back later.

This is the game you remember, with all the original challenges and the same haunting, evocative score – but repainted pixel by pixel so that each carefully rendered world comes to life at high resolution. high resolution. New visual details, dynamic brushwork effects, and improved audio add to the immersive experience.

Explore the most extensive developer commentary ever included in a game, with over 12 hours of recorded insights and conversations from developer Jonathan Blow, artist David Hellman, and more by the creative team “Braid”. Navigate it by accessing a new in-game world, which also contains new puzzles and redesigns of classic puzzles.

Watch the new Braid: Anniversary Edition launch trailer below.

Braid: Anniversary Edition is now available for purchase on the Switch eShop.