Nintendo Download – May 16, 2024 (Europe)

Nintendo Download – May 16, 2024 (Europe)

Lorelei and her laser eyes

The latest European Nintendo downloads for the week of May 16, 2024 are as follows:

Retail transformation

biological mutation
Neptunia Game Maker R:Evolution

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3 Minutes of Mystery 2
Arcadia: Colony
Athenian melody
Great beans 3
Braid: Anniversary Edition
Space robot
Crab Peach Tropical Island
Culinary cooking master simulator
devil girl
Duck creator
armory dungeon
Hand in hand
High School Detective: Romantic Visual Novel
bustling hotel
Internet generation
Kingdom Heritage Collection
Kingdom Royal Collection
Little cat doctor
Lorelei and her laser eyes
Lysfanga: Time shifting warrior
Farming Mars 2034
Monsters erupted
Musashi vs Cthulhu
express mutation
My Incubi harem
Please fix the road
PO’ed: Definitive edition
Pool party
Purple Explorer
Puzzle World: Cute Cats
Puzzle World: Neko Girls
Qualia: The promising path
Read-Only Memories: Neurodiver
Roman city tycoon
Agriculture of the Roman Empire
Killer X: Final Consequences: Revenge of the Killer
Slide World History Quiz
Hanging puzzle: Golf master
Memories of a spy
The land beneath us
Zombie night defense