Manor Lords Sales Top Two Million in Less Than Three Weeks

Manor Lords Sales Top Two Million in Less Than Three Weeks

Hooded Horse and developer Slavic Magic have announced that Manor Lords sales have reached another major milestone less than three weeks after the game’s release.

According to a press release, Manor Lords has crossed two million sales since launching on April 26th, which means it’s sold another million copies since hitting its first million on April 29th.

The game’s success is no big surprise given that it was one of the most wishlisted titles on Steam leading up to its release, not to mention its impressive player count on launch day, but Slavic Magic and Hooded Horse’s achievement is commendable nevertheless.

Manor Lords has proven a runaway hit for developer Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse.

Hooded Horse CEO Tim Bender says the company “had some pretty optimistic expectations” for Manor Lordsas well as some less realistic “wild hopes”, but that the two million figure has “exceeded even those”.

Slavic Magic, meanwhile, hasn’t commented on the sales milestone, instead taking to X (formerly Twitter) earlier today to express admiration for a Manor Lords VR mod. Better hope he doesn’t take that discussion to the game’s Discord, eh?

If you’re wondering exactly what Manor Lords is, it’s a city-builder with RTS and grand strategy elements (but very much not a StarCraft or Total War competitor) developed by tiny studio Slavic Magic.

Despite the title’s plural, you play as a single manor lord, growing your medieval settlement by managing resources, overseeing production chains, and even fighting battles when the need arises.

A zoomed-out aerial view of a village in Manor Lords
Manor Lords is scratching a lot of strategy itches.

Manor Lords is in Early Access right now, which means there are still a fair few bugs and issues to work out, but developer Slavic Magic has been hard at work fixing those problems, including the infamous “None” glitch.

You can check out Manor Lords right now on PC via Steam. It’s also available on the Microsoft Store, and if you’re a PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can play it as part of your subscription.