Strategy RPG Covert Crew is planned for Switch

Strategy RPG Covert Crew is planned for Switch

Secret crew

TYB Games has announced its upcoming project Covert Crew for Switch. This game is on track to launch in late 2024.

Covert Crew is a 2D strategy RPG set in a semi-futuristic setting with characters with superpowers. TYB Games says it has similar gameplay to the old Fire Emblem games but with a comic book/superhero aesthetic.

Here is some additional information:

Set in a near-future fictional universe populated by ‘powered’ individuals, disgraced hero Solitude seeks to stop a mysterious and emerging organization by forming the powerful group own – Covert Crew.

main function

  • Classic 2D turn-based tactical combat: Strategic grid-based battles with new and innovative victory conditions and boss battles.
  • Over 20 playable units: Recruit from a variety of characters, each with their own strengths.
  • Coordinate with your teammates: With ‘maxims’ in battle, increase your synergy with other units to unlock new link scenes and rewards in battle.
  • Your power is your weapon: Equip power modifiers to modify your attacks, increasing strength, speed, or even adding a chance to inflict status effects. Unlock and craft new modulators as the game progresses.
  • Power Pentagon System: Replacing a certain ‘triangle’, Power Pentagon uses five types of power in Covert Crew to find strengths/weaknesses. (Energy, Elements, Space, Physics & Occult)
  • Many Abilities: Other than the traditional ‘move and attack’, your units can also use unique abilities that can affect the battle in a variety of ways. (Attack, buff, debuff, terrain control and more!)
  • Join the Combat Simulator: Train your units in a roguelite-inspired mode, including procedurally generated maps, a boost system, and blueprints to unlock modulators and new skills.

Those interested in learning more about Covert Crew can watch the trailer below.

Announcement trailer