All Artifacts In Anime Crossover Defense & How To Get Them

All Artifacts In Anime Crossover Defense & How To Get Them

Image: Fish Bean Studio

Artifacts are great at helping your units improve in Anime Crossover Defense. To help you get anything you need, every Artifact in Anime Crossover Defense, including their abilities, impacts, and extra features when upgraded to level 5, are listed below. If you want to get them, we’ve got that too.

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All Anime Crossover Defense Artifacts

Eternal Eye

  • Genjutsu – makes the target go in the wrong direction.
  • Black Flames – Make black flames appear on the target.

Dragon Radar

  • Dragon Sphere Search – When you defeat every second wave, you’ll get a Dragon Sphere. Gather 7 of them and you can make a wish for Money, Power, or Enemy Rewind.

Black Notebook

  • Fate Written – When a unit attacks enemies with low health, they are defeated right away.

Strand of a Hero’s Hair

  • One for All! – The team does a really strong attack that pushes the other team back.

Hat of the CEO

  • Opportunist – Makes the unit earn a bit more coins.

Philosopher’s Stone

  • Equivalent Exchange – The more a unit wins fights, the more damage it can do.


  • Cloud Transportation – Greatly lowers the cost to place the unit, but makes it more expensive overall.

Uta Uta

  • Joyous Song – Makes the unit’s buffs better and makes others around it better too.

Key of Kings

  • King’s Vault – This ability makes it cheaper to place the unit.
  • King’s Treasure – Lowers the cost to upgrade the unit.

Divine Eye

  • Superior Dojutsu – The unit gets a small increase in stats and cannot be stunned anymore.
  • Elemental Mastery – A unit’s attacks will always be the strongest against its target, based on the element being used.

Hollow Mask

  • Hollow Mask – The Hollow Mask makes a unit much stronger for a short time.

Cursed Finger

  • Everlasting Curse – Makes damage over time effects stronger.
  • King of Curses – Makes damage over time effects stronger.


  • Metamorphosis – When a unit in the game clears a lot of waves, it gets a big boost in damage.
  • Desire Materialization – Makes units do more damage and costs less to make them stronger.

Vampire Mask

  • Vampire Lord – The Vampire Lord can bring back a zombie every once in a while.
  • Haemorrhage – Causes the target to bleed and take damage over time. This effect can add up with other bleeding effects.

How To Get Artifacts in Anime Crossover Defense

Getting artifacts is pretty simple, but mostly random. You can find artifacts by finishing Artifact Rifts, which you can enter through the gate in the top-right of the lobby. Once you get an Artifact, you can see and equip it in the Artifacts section of your inventory.

To take on Artifact Rifts, you need Rift Orbs or Legendary Rift Orbs; you can use up to three at a time. The more Orbs you use, and the rarer they are, the better your chances of getting an Artifact if you complete the rift.