How To Get Rift Orbs & What They Do In Anime Crossover Defense

How To Get Rift Orbs & What They Do In Anime Crossover Defense

In Anime Crossover Defense, getting Rift Orbs is really important because they help you unlock the full power of Artifact Rifts and get great rewards. There are two kinds of Rift Orbs: Rare and Legendary, and each one helps you in different ways. We’ll go over how to get Rift Orbs and what they do below.

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Anime Crossover Defense Rift Orbs – How To Get And What They Do

The best way to get Rift Orbs in Anime Crossover Defense is by doing Story and Challenge Rifts. These tough missions don’t guarantee Rift Orbs, but they have the chance to get some out. As you get more Rift Orbs, you have a better chance of getting both Rare and Legendary Rift Orbs, which helps you get Artifact Rift rewards.

Rare Rift Orbs are special items that can give you cool stuff like Bottled Essence and Artifact Remnants. When you use one, there’s a 10% chance of getting an Artifact. Yes, that number is pretty low, but that’s the best you can do. Although it might be hard to get one, artifacts are pretty overpowered in this game, so it makes it worth trying to find Rare Rift Orbs.

Legendary Rift Orbs make sure you get an Artifact every time you use them. These are always preferred and so they’re usually harder to get. By getting and using Legendary Rift Orbs, players can grow their Artifact collection and make their in-game skills stronger. Because you always get an Artifact, everyone really wants Legendary Rift Orbs. They can give you a big advantage in Anime Crossover Defense.

Both kinds of Rift Orbs give you Bottled Essence, so no worries on that end. Rift Orbs are really important in the game because they help you get into Artifact Rifts. Without Rift Orbs, it’s hard to win in Rifts and get Artifact rewards. So, it’s a good idea to focus on getting Rift Orbs to make the most of your game.