What are Legacy Items in Diablo 4?  Answered

What are Legacy Items in Diablo 4? Answered

Diablo 4 Season 4 has made a ton of quality-of-life changes to make the experience more enjoyable and one improvement includes the addition of Legacy Items. Read further to learn more about Legacy Items in Diablo 4: Loot Reborn.

How do Legacy Items work in Diablo 4?

Simply put, Legacy Items are gear pieces that were in the Eternal Realm before season 4 started in Diablo 4. Legacy Items can’t interact with the new upgrade systems, such as Tempering and Masterworkingbut can be used with the other crafting options that were available before the start of the season.

In other words, Legacy Items can be equipped to your character in Season 4: Loot Reborn, but it may not be the smartest thing to do. Masterworking and Tempering can make your gear incredibly more powerful and since you can’t use these mechanics on Legacy Items, you may as well put your focus on equipment that can utilize them.

How to tell if you have a Legacy Item?

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Knowing if you have a Legacy Item in your inventory is very straightforward. When you have an item selected, directly under where it says “Item Power” it will say if the item is a Legacy Item. The words are in bold red so it’s very hard to miss.

Should you use Legacy Items in Diablo 4 Season 4?

As mentioned earlier, using Legacy Items isn’t the smartest thing to do since you won’t be able to use Masterworking and Tempering on it. That said, if a Legacy Item is beneficial to your build, then your best bet is to use it until you find another item that is similar in stats to it. Once you find a gear piece that is similar to the Legacy Item, swap it out for the non-legacy item so you can use Masterworking and Tempering.

Speaking of Masterworking and Tempering, we have everything you need to know about these two new upgrade systems. Definitely check it out by heading to our Masterworking and Tempering guide.

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