All Rift Rewards in Anime Crossover Defense

All Rift Rewards in Anime Crossover Defense

Image: Valkyrja YT

Rifts are special game modes in Anime Crossover Defense. There are two types: Challenge Rifts and Artifact Rifts. You can win Crystal Helixes and other cool stuff by playing in these rifts.

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Artifact Rift Rewards In Anime Crossover Defense

In Artifact Rifts, players can obtain three main types of rewards:

  1. Artifacts – These are special items that give extra abilities to specific pieces of equipment and the characters using them. They can be made stronger to give even better bonuses, and come in different levels of rarity. Here’s the likelihood of getting artifacts of different rarities from Normal Rift Orbs and Legendary Rift Orbs:
    • Normal Rift Orb:
      • Epic: 80%
      • Legendary: 15%
      • Mythic: 5%
    • Legendary Rift Orb:
      • Epic – 50%
      • Legendary – 35%
      • Mythic – 15%

Mythic artifacts can also be Primal, which grants them bonus stats.

  1. Bottled Essence – These are essential for leveling up artifacts, with a 25% drop chance from using any rift orb. Each drop provides 16 essence, also known as artifact experience.
  2. Artifact Remnant: Used to purchase artifacts in the shop. Please note that this type will be released in the future.

Challenge Rifts Rewards In Anime Crossover Defense

Challenge rifts in the game are really tough and meant for end-game players. They give you the best chance to get great rewards and are suggested for players with powerful Mythic units. Here’s a look at the rewards you can get from challenge rifts:

Repeated Rewards:

  • Gems – These are used to summon units.
  • Rift Orbs (Rare or Legendary) – These are used in artifact rifts.
  • Matrix Module – These are used to prestige your units.

One-Time Rewards:

  • Unit Duplicator (obtained from Challenge Rift Stage 25 and 75) – This allows you to create a base copy of a chosen unit with a new power. However, it does not copy primal, shiny, traits, or level.
  • Universal Fabric (obtained from Challenge Rift Stage 50) – This item turns any unit into a Primal.
  • Fallen Star (obtained from Challenge Rift Stage 100) – This can turn any unit into a Shiny.
  • Dream Matrix (X) – This item instantly prestiges any unit while keeping the level.