Anime Crossover Defense Rift Affixes Guide

Anime Crossover Defense Rift Affixes Guide

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Rift Affixes are what make Challenge Rifts different each time. They change how the mission works and can make it harder or easier to finish the stage. Below, we’ll explain how to get them and what they do.

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All Anime Crossover Defense Rift Affixes And How To Get Them

In Anime Crossover Defense, you can find Affixes in Artifact Rifts. These rifts are part of the game’s modes and come in two types: Challenge Rifts and Artifact Rifts. You usually get Crystal Helixes or other rewards when you complete these rifts.

The current good affixes are:

  • We Are Billions – Gives all units to be deployed more often and at a reduced cost, giving you a tactical advantage.
  • Bullseye – Elevates the critical hit chance of all units by 50%, allowing them to deliver devastating blows with greater frequency.
  • Coin Angel – Summons a celestial ally to aid in enemy destruction whenever you spend coins, strengthening your offensive capabilities.
  • Crystal Eyes – Extends the range of all units by 50%, enabling them to engage enemies from a safer distance.
  • Mortal Strike – Boosts the critical damage dealt by all units by 100%, ensuring that critical hits lead to even more devastating consequences.
  • Spirit Summon – Offers the chance to summon an allied spirit whenever an enemy is vanquished, bolstering your forces in battle.
  • Yard Sale – Reduces the cost of all items by half, allowing for more efficient resource management and procurement.
  • Plague Doctor – Amplifies damage over time by 100% and overall damage by 25%, afflicting enemies with potent ailments and increasing offensive potency.
  • Soul Siphon – Grants units a permanent 1% increase in damage each time they secure a kill, gradually improving their combat effectiveness.

The current neutral affixes:

  • Pinata Party – Surprise pinatas will pop up from time to time. Break them open to discover their contents!
  • Slow but Certain – Units may attack at a slower pace, but their attacks pack a powerful punch with 150% increased damage.
  • Speed ​​of Ants – Enemies have significantly less health, but they are lightning-quick.
  • Reverse – Enemies will spawn from the opposite side of the map, creating a challenging twist.
  • Coin Golem – If you exceed 200 coins, a formidable Enemy Golem will materialize, with its strength tied to the amount spent. On the bright side, it drops coins upon defeat.
  • Market Bubble – Enjoy a head start with 6000 extra coins, but be prepared to pay double for everything you purchase.
    • This is arguably a bad affix, but it’s considered neutral in the game.

The current bad affixes:

  • Summoner’s Toll – Each expenditure of Coins summons a formidable Enemy Demon, whose Health scales with the amount of Coins spent.
  • Economic Downturn – Experience a 40% reduction in acquired coins throughout the game.
  • Limited Battleground – The maximum placement of Units is reduced by 2 (cannot be decreased below 1).
  • Swift Adversaries – Enemy units exhibit twice the usual movement speed.
  • Price Surge – Prepare for a steep 80% increase in the cost of all items.
  • Undead Onslaught – An expired Enemy has a chance to reanimate as a formidable Zombie.
  • Boss Onslaught – Following each Wave, a randomly selected Boss adversary materializes.
  • Restricted Firing Range – The Range of all Units is slashed by 40%.