Does Wuthering Waves support crossplay?  Answered

Does Wuthering Waves support crossplay? Answered

With Wuthering Waves releasing on PC, iOS, and PlayStation, players are inevitably wondering if it supports crossplay or cross-progression. We’ll let you know if you can play with friends from different platforms.

Wuthering Waves: Is there crossplay?

Currently, Kuro Games has yet to confirm if Wuthering Waves has crossplay or not. Since Wuthering Waves has multiplayer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see crossplay enabled. This would allow players on one platform to play online with friends on another.

Unfortunately, so far, we know nothing about this RPG’s crossplay functionality and won’t know anything until players can find out for themselves once the game is available to everyone. If it’s not available from launch, we can probably expect crossplay to arrive sometime in the future.

Although it’s typical for online games to come out the gate with crossplay enabled, even some of the most popular games like Genshin Impact didn’t initially launch with crossplay. With how popular this game will inevitably be, you can probably expect crossplay to arrive at some point, if not at launch.

Image: Kuro games

Does Wuthering Waves have cross-progression?

Linked to crossplay is the topic of cross-progression or cross-platform play, which would allow players to have one account on multiple platforms linked together. The good news is that Wuthering Waves supports cross-platform progression between iOS and PC.

I’m assuming that the same goes for PlayStation, but we’ll have to see how smoothly cross-progression works across all three platforms once players get the chance to test it out. You can also assume that if PlayStation allows cross-progression, you’ll simply have to link your PlayStation account with Wuthering Waves to make it work. iOS and PC cross-progression will probably work a lot smoother.

Now that you know more about how crossplay and cross-progression work in Wuthering Waves, you’re probably interested in claiming your pre-registration rewards.

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