How to get the Mountain Zu mount and other rewards

How to get the Mountain Zu mount and other rewards

Final Fantasy XIV Online is no stranger to collaborations, but this might be the strangest one yet. To celebrate the release of the Dawntrail expansion in July, FFXIV is teaming up with Mountain Dew to offer exclusive in-game items.

If you drink enough Mountain Dew, you can claim a free soda-themed mount and other items. This is only a limited-time collaboration that’s only available in certain regions, However, so keep reading to learn all the details about the FFXIV x Mountain Dew event.

How to Get Mountain Dew Items in Final Fantasy XIV

Image: Square Enix

To get the Mountain Zu mount in Final Fantasy XIV, all you need to do is purchase a Mountain Dew product and redeem your code on the Mountain Dew Gaming website. You’ll earn points for every code that you enter, and the amount of points that you receive will vary based on the type of product that you purchase. A single bottle of Mountain Dew won’t earn as many points as a 12-pack, for example.

Once you’ve saved up 600 pointsyou can claim the Mountain Zu mount. Just scroll through all of the available rewards to find it. There are other items up for grabs, including limited-edition FFXIV merchandise like clothing and figures, but those cost thousands of points. If you’re a true Mountain Dew enthusiast, though, you can save up points to earn new ones Dawntrail themed keycaps for your keyboard, pots of premium in-game dye for your FFXIV character, or Taito prize figures and plushes.

There’s also the Sparkling Citrus Refreshment, a new in-game item that can be claimed with 100 points on the Mountain Dew Gaming website. This item can be used in Final Fantasy XIV for a small XP boost just like other food items. It doesn’t give any other buffs, and it’s really just a way for people to burn their unused points before the event period ends.

The FFXIV x Mountain Dew collab will be available through July 14, which is two weeks after the official launch of the Dawntrail expansion. Make sure to enjoy a refreshing can of Mountain Dew while exploring the New World in FFXIV 7.0 and taking in the new sights with the graphical update.

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