Anime Crossover Defense Food Guide

Anime Crossover Defense Food Guide

Image: Valkyrja YT

In Anime Crossover Defense, even though food isn’t the main focus of the game, it can help make your characters stronger. Whether you’re playing through the Story mode or taking on tough Raids, you can get food as a reward after beating enemies. This guide will explain how to collect and store food and how it can make your characters better.

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All Experience Earned From Food In Anime Crossover Defense

In Anime Crossover Defense, food isn’t super important, but it can help strengthen your units without spending a lot. You might get food as loot after beating enemies as you go through the Story and Raids in the game. It’s really just a little bonus for winning. Every food has a different rarity, which tells you how big that bonus is:

  • Rare Food – 50 experience
  • Epic Food – 350 experience
  • Legendary Food – 1,250 experience
  • Mythic Food – 7,500 experience
    • It takes around 45 mythical foods to max out a unit’s level.

The food you gather is kept in your Inventory on the left side of your screen, under the ‘Items’ tab. Each food item promises to give a certain amount of experience to a chosen unit, which you can find above.

If anything, it’s smart to hold onto your food and save it for units you actually want to level up. While food comes pretty often, it’s a great way to give quick boosts and shouldn’t be wasted on anyone you aren’t planning on keeping.