How to get Neathiron in Diablo 4

How to get Neathiron in Diablo 4

Masterworking has replaced the traditional blacksmith upgrades in favor of a system that feels extremely rewarding, as long as you are able to survive the most difficult challenges in the game. Here is how to get Neathiron in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: How to get Neathrion

To max out your items through Masterworking in Diablo 4 Season 4 is by far one of the most fun and excruciating parts of the game – and I mean it in the best way possible. You see, we all know that Masterworking materials are obtained by playing and completing The Pit of Artificers runs, but you will eventually hit a rooftop if you cannot progress through its tiers.

Image: Blizzard

To face said challenge is very challenging indeed, but imagine doing it multiple times, with each run getting increasingly hard. Well, that’s how you get Neathiron in Diablo 4 – a Masterworking material needed to Masterwork items all the way to rank 12 -, and can only be found after completing tier 60+ The Pit runs:

Masterworking Materials The Pit Tier
Obducite 0-29
Ingolith 30-59
Neathiron 60+

Now, before you ask, no, you won’t have to complete 60 runs to get to that The Pit tier. Unlocking tiers in The Pit of Artificers is actually a bit more complex than just clearing one and unlocking the next, and it is based entirely on your performance:

Time Remaining The Pit Tiers Unlocked
4 minutes 1
4-6 minutes 2
6+ minutes 3

With that rule in mind, you probably will end up getting to Tier 60 in about 20 runs if you are very skilled and feature a great build able to handle mobs – by the way, I would choose the Necromancer Minion build, but that’s just me. While completing The Pit of Artificers is definitely possible, I would strong suggest – note the emphasis in strongly – gathering some of your friends and running the higher tiers together. Believe me, your character will thank me – and it is also a great way to level up quickly!

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